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loved oblivion,mass effect,fallout but hated this. the lack of polish was hard for me to overcome.
gamestop gave me 24 so thats 15 down the drain i hated it.
how are they connected and what resolution have you set the devices to output.
+1 to the idea above I have an electric screen that comes down in front of ny tv. works great
generally speaking lcd projectors are not as sharp as there dlp counterparts but in your described situation i think it is more a source issue than anything.
coderguy could you pm me the link please.
what are you using for source of 3d
you need a few more details like if 1080p is requirement if it is your budget is not enough. if 720p is ok are you using htpc for source?
keith i think he was referring to sharpness not brightness
dlp in general is the way to go if sharpness is a major desire.
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