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those shots look great what screen are you using?
i have the chief and love it. quality construction. there are set screws that you loosen to make fine adjustments once it is on the mount.
magnolia in best buy usually has one or two on display however it almost made me not want one due to poor setup. I ordered mits 3800 on reviews and im thrilled, if mits is on your list I live in herndon va if you want too see it. its in my family room not dediacted theater so there is some ambient light.
I have the mits with 8 ft ceilings. the mits isnt ideal for shelf mounting due to the offset. i have it ceiling mounted with a slight tilt and it looks great. however with your requirements you may be better off with an lcd projector that has lens shift perhaps the epson 8100.
i think a screen would make a difference. I have a pioneer kuro elite plasma behind my screen and im never dissapointed when i fire up the pj.
im not saying the 8100 is bad and im sure youll like it but check out the reviews.
mits 3800
im running cm7s with velodyne spl1000 sounds great
I use my 3800 for daytime use alot with ambient light and while obviously not as good as batcave viewing it holds up well.
im by no means an expert but the lumens seem really low
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