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p.s. an offer of 20.00 with my declining said offer does not mean situation was resolved
htdepot that is a flat out lie. I have not received a penny back from you. and as far as spamming I will continue to let people know of the treatment recieved from your company. FYI I still have all communications between us that are dated so if you stand by your lie that I recieved any refund I will be forced to post them.
it sounds great. the only drawback is that bluray players with multichannel outs tend to be more expensive, as much as a receiver that can handle the new formats, of course those are entry level recievers that are not the quality of your rotel. look for closeouts on older models. I have pioneer 51bd player it is regarded as having great sound quality but its main drawback is it is very slow. I was interested in best sound so the speed doesnt bother me.
check out yamaha 1900 at the big river falls under your budget and has a beefy amp section
wouldnt it be easier to get a bluray player with multichannel outs. thats how i get the new formats on my rotel 1057
taskman here it is: horrible experience with htdepot aka focupix aka mountdirect I scheduled and payed for a premium install of my mits 3800 with this company. The installer showed up totally unprepared with no ladder, flashlight,screwdrivers ect. needed for the install all of which he borrowed from me. To add insult to injury he also did not bring a hdmi cable that was supposed to be included so we had to use one of mine. The service promised sit back and let them do...
just an fyi htdepot has horrendous customer service. by far the worst of any company i have ever dealt with.
htdepot has the worst customer service imaginable
i would add rotel to the list
yeah i have been trying to wait it out but that seemed a good deal on the 8002. still wavering
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