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We only use the Sony about every third week now. It has become increasingly unstable. For example we can set to record by time (guessing at the time and maybe set it to record for 5 hours to catch a 2 hour show). Then about a week later we will get around to "watch" the recorded show. The last 2 or 3 months we have been doing that.....it never will turn on, cold reboot or nothing.....have to unplug a couple of minutes, plug in and let attempt what little reboot it can...
I have a AP 8700 and might be going to the new winegard amp soon (one or two months). Their marketing poop I thought was implying that the new amp could take Big Overload without crashing; but I really do not know. Currently working on other projects that have to be cleared first before I get back to the "antenna project". The main reason I am interested in the amp is to see I can get much better SNR, BER, and MER than I do with the 8700. In some situations the 8700...
And for the 3rd step. I just turned it "on" and the clock came back and the [2] came back. I think it is off about 30 some hours. Still have grid with station logos. And the .21 is still there too.
I probably will. Just did a front panel reset for the heck of it. It went through Welcome….. then 01, then 02, then 03, then 04, then 05, and finally 06. Guess it always did that. Then the main window flashed 00:01. I think my DHG have the firmware core of 06 and not 05 like most of the others; but I have really forgotten.
Thanks guys, I will give it all a good try. HA! The first Unplug gave me a Welcome "06". The 06 is in the location of the clock. Maybe it is back to patch 06, maybe that is normal and I have never seen 06 before? Perhaps the beginning of time? The fun and games continue.
The power was out for 7 hours yesterday - tree fell on the line. Now: No front panel clock. No TVGOS clock Internal info screen clock, way off GMT time of course - two days or so. And the [2] went away and is now a [1] Manual Records will be started just a few minutes before show time and the recording time padded heavily. Maybe that will work.
I have often wondered why fractal TV antennas were not already on the market. I thought maybe the Winegard and Solid Signal flat antennas were some sort of derivative? Good work. Let us know how it goes.
Mike You mentioned “trees” across the street. How tall are they? And how dense and thick are they? What is the distance of those trees from the front of the antenna in the attic? If the RF 42 is doing occasional “short burst multi-path”, like a few or several times a minute plus or minus; then it is very likely the trees and possibly the office building might simply increase the occurrence of the multi-path, if it has any affect at all. If you have any type of signal...
OH! The poor dead horse
Yep, I sort of agree the .13 may be a red herring. My real solution may be just to unplug it.
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