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I've seen this film countless times over the years and this is the first time I've heard the song Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson on the soundtrack. This is the song in Jackie Brown that Ordell listens to when he takes care of Beaumont. The song is heard briefly coming from an apartment when Vincent and Jules are having the "foot massage" conversation. It was one of those "hey" moments.
Tony Scott used to know what he's doing. I think True Romance and Crimson Tide are the last two "classic" looking Tony Scott films. I just can't stand the style he's been using (over using) since Man on Fire (though I still really like that film). Any way, waaaaay off topic...
Oh, but it it already has one change. For the last DVD release ILM digitally replaced the sky in the opening shot to give a warmer sunset rather than the original slightly overcast look.
I have never read the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel, but the movie felt very much to me to be a big budget version of Edgar Wright's BBC series "Spaced". All the 20-something slacker characters, the random flights of fantasy, the video game/film/comic-book references seem to come straight from "Spaced". Hell, even Simon Pegg's character "Tim" seems to be a direct influence on Scott Pilgram. Spaced also shares Scott Pilgram's rapid fire editing/visual jokes. Stuff like...
I just watched this last night, and I had almost forgotten what an amazing film this is. The cinematography, music, editing, acting, all amazing. Every time I watch it I always seem to get misty eyed during the opening scenes, especially during the beautiful Melanesian Choir Chants. There is a moment when Hans Zimmer's orchestral interpretation of the chants blends into the real singing. The combination of images and music is just pure cinema porn. I was also just...
"White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. Released in 1967. It shows up in a lot of 60's themed films. I remember it in Platoon as well.
I saw "The Mist/1408" double feature disc at HMV yesterday ($14.99). Both are listed as 1080i and no special features. The cover did not indicate if 1408 was the director's cut or not, and "The Mist" did not feature the B/W version.
Yeah, I don't get this either. I've asked this question before and it just seems some people like this. I don't see the reason for it (especially posting more than 3 pictures per post). I mean, a lot of times the posted images are usually small and lacking any sort of detail which makes no sense. It would be fine if this was a thread dedicated to a brand of TV or projector, but not in a thread dedicated to showcasing the detail (or lack of detail) in Blu-Ray transfers.
I've seen this as well. The opening wide shot of the train crossing the horizon was directly influenced by CE3K. SUPER 8 is J.J. Abrams' homage to Spielberg films of the 70s/80s. Spielberg is producing under his Amblin production company (not Dreamworks or even Abrams' Bad Robot).
P.T. Anderson has made no secret of his love of Altman. He was even the "stand-by" director on A Prairie Home Companion in case the ailing director could not finish the film.
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