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Yep its a 65. The one thats mounted is a UN60ES7100 - 60" Sammy.
So I'm trying to decide to keep this thing. The screen so much more reflective than my Samsung its almost distracting when watching something with dark scenes. Does anyone else notice any haloing around fast moving objects? I was watching the beginning to The Dark Knight where the two joker dudes use a zip line to move from one building to another. My sammy handles them just fine on the line but on the vizio there is a halo around them. On the back door to the...
I picked up a M651 today and it has a dead green pixel I'm bummed and don't want to pack it up and go back to costco tomorrow. The screen is pretty much as reflective as everyone said, its like a black mirror. I'm going to mount it tonight and see if I can get past the dead pixel and see how the TV performs. So far the viewing angles are better than my 60" ES7100 so I'm quite pleased with that. Anyone else had dead pixel problems?
You're lucky then. Between the bestbuy and Costco I was at today all the sets exhibited the problem I described.
Has anyone noticed that about a 5-10 pixel width or so around the bezel the pixels are a little darker than the rest of the screen? I've seen models at a couple different costco's and best buys and a lot of them exhibit the same thing. You really notice it on a solid background.
Whatever you decide on don't make your choice off the demo material they're pushing to the 100 other models they have a display. Have a sales person hook up a bluray player so you can see how the TVs handle the content from a single source. We can all share our preferences and reasons for them, the bottom line is your eyes will make your choice for you. Good luck!
I'd get the Vizio because it has a better refresh rate, less expensive, and if you buy it at costco you get a 2 year warranty with it for free. I also think its a better looking set with a nice thin bezel.
What did you make your mp4/mkv's with?I just picked up a 32" M series vizio to put in my gym room. I'd like to stream my P90X discs to it but haven't found a format that the vizio can read yet.You mentioned you had the m501d and a m501d - did you mean a different size for the second model number? If this little 32" set works out well I'll pick up the 65" next weekend.
How are the viewing angles on this series? I had a 60" e series when they came out and didn't like the viewing angles or apps very much and wound up returning it. I replaced it with a Sammy 60" ES7100 that had roughly the same kind of viewing experience but better apps. Looking at one at bestbuy the other day it looked like it had better viewing angles than my sammy and I have the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a 65". Thanks! M
The grey scale and cms settings won't help you because every panel is different. The best thing you can do is get it as close to 6500k as possible by putting it in movie mode and using warm2 as a baseline. I had the LCD panel replaced on my es7100 and had to recalibrate the 2 and 10 point because the new screen with the old boards had different temperatures when I put my meter to it.
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