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Soho you have me doing a lot of thinking and measuring. I might make more sense for me to build two boxes. Can I just divide the numbers by 2. I downloaded winISD, I'm not complete sure what I'm looking at, but 2 drivers, 900L, tuned to 18Hz, with 500w.
Quote: Can you build them into the wall? and is there lots of empty space behind the wall? If so then an IB design is perfect for you. Only on the rear wall, I heard this isn't a good idea. Quote: Do you want max SPL to 20hz without EQ, or do you want more subsonic output with a lower max SPL. I definately like the idea of subsonic output, as well high SQ. 4xMJ18 in 1600L tuned to 14 hz looks good, what kind of port are we...
I would like to build a sub for my dedicated hometheater, and I kind of like the idea of 4 MJ18's lined up under my screen. I live in Canada so I can get these drivers ridiculously cheap. I'm a DIY virgin, and would love some design help. T/S parameters: Fs = 30.4 Hz Re = 7.2 Ohms[dc] Qt = 0.35 Qes = 0.39 Qms = 3.41 Mms = 219.3 grams Rms = 12.3 kg/s Cms = 0.000100 m/N Vas = 243.8 liters Sd= 1029.22 cm2 Bl = 27.625095 Tm ETA = 1.07 % Xmax = 12mm Diameter=...
Well I have been sitting on the fence of going with LLT for a while now, this seems like a good deal, so I put an offer on those two AVA 15's, hopefully rotel1080 will ship to Canada. I'm a total noob to DIY so I'll need your help steve with a design, if he hasn't sold them yet.
I see that Ascendant Audio shows the Alliance 18 for sale for $399. Is this available yet? Will it be a good candidate of a LLT application?
They're really two different animals, the golds have a much larger, 3 dimensional sound stage, I also find then more transparent. But the alpha's are great, I think most of us will agree that there is not a better speaker out there for the price.
I already own everything, I just trying to find the best way to make it work. I think trying to get my hands on a C6 or C6i would be a good start.
I started construction of my dedicated home theatre and I'm combining two systems, a two Channel system Stratus Golds and a five channel system made up of a 4 Alpha Bs and an Alpha C center. I haven't bought a 7 channel receiver yet, and I don't want to hook up the golds to my cheap Sony receiver because it is not rated for 4 ohms. However when I do hook everything up, I can't imagine the Alpha and the Stratus working well together. Especially with an Alpha center...
Thanks for the replies I don't think I could my amp, too many memories lugging around the 100 lbs beast, and the Sony is was only $150 five years ago.
I'm confused about how preamp outs work on a typical receiver? I currently have a two channel system (rotel RB-1090 amp, RC-1090 pre-amp, and PSB Stratus Golds) and a five channel home theater set up (4 PSB Alpha B, Center and a budget sony receiver). If I bought a 7.1 channel receiver can I use the preamp out to the power amp to the Stratus golds, and run the other five speakers off the the receivers amplification? or do I have to to have 7 channels of power...
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