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For the most part, this has been an enjoyable read. It's truly interesting to see what the general feelings here are regarding the state of high end audio. If most are like me, we have all, at one time or another, been drawn into the web of "expensive must be better". Some, like myself and the OP have realized that if equipment measures well, and a couple orders of magnitude beyond hearing audible differences, then paying for higher "sound quality" is poor value. Some...
This being an Ascend Acoustics thread, it's obvious what you're going to hear here. Let me be the first, the Sierra-2 is the best. Why? Because it's what I have.Seriously, I prefer ribbon tweeters above any other type, and I would postulate that the new Seas mid/woofer is more accurate, linear, and dynamic than anything else not designed VERY recently. Not having heard the competition, that's just a very biased opinion though.
I recently went to another forum that was linked in this thread, and the members there were discussing "cable burn in". These folks got really nasty, I was truly amazed that grown men could act like such dweebs. Audio discussions sure do get "passionate" at times, it really is ridiculous in the general scheme of things.
Is High-End Audio Obsolete? I feel that many of us can remember back to a time when vinyl was the mainstream music media source. In those days, many of us had heard, and consequently lusted over the mega-dollar systems that were not within our financial means. In the decades that have followed, mainstream systems have surpassed what was available back then, the performance delta between "high end" and mainstream electronics is blurred, if not indistinguishable. But as...
You're right, I suppose my answer was a bit harsh, I shall strive to be a kinder, gentler poster! I usually let a post sit on the computer for a moment before I hit the submit button, but was hasty in this instance.
Wow, OP can't spell, and this responder can't answer a simple question without going off topic. Typical of sysman though. Always dismisses ID brands in favor of B&M brands. Please disregard. He's old and confused.The difference in price between the Sierras is fully a result of costlier components. As such, it would be logical that they perform at a noticeably higher level, which they do.
I bought a pair of Ascend Sierra Towers with the RAAL tweeter upgrade. VERY accurate, detailed, and dynamic, definitely no regrets here. They will fit nicely into your budget, amazing value.
Actually geocab had another forum member over to listen to the two pairs of speakers. They both preferred the S-2s.Jay
If you look at geocab's placement, it is far less than ideal since there is a large open area behind the left speakers and the other side is tight into a corner. Probably be less output from the left side, and imaging would be adversely affected by the radical differences in reflections between the two sides.Edit: I noticed from the pictures that the right side is also open behind the speakers, the drawing makes it look like a tight corner. I really have no idea how the...
As usual, you make a good point, I was just hoping you had the definitive answer . I have only compared a couple sets of speakers, and used pink noise to set levels. One speaker had a noticeably "meaty" bass response, and yet levels did not seem to be affected. One thing Dennis said rings true "Speakers are complicated," indeed they are.
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