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Commonsense dictates that when a reviewer is in doubt, he or she should give the manufacturer an opportunity to configure the product to reflect the claims of the advertised product, including performance to spec. It makes little sense for a reviewer to be a judge and jury without consulting the folks who made the product. You have to give them (manufacturer) benefit of doubt first, give them a chance to clarify if proper procedures were followed. It sounds like Hsu...
Great idea - however, what makes you want the MBM units. What is missing in the sound, or how did you figure that out? Or are you just wanting to augment the mid-to-high bass in the sound?
Congrats with your new sub, hopefully we will get some feedback from you, once you're past the wow/awestruck phase. Speaking of huge, you should check out the VTF-15H, its older - I meant, its gargantuan bodyguard/brother
I am curious if is essential that the VTF-15H be placed in a front firing configuration for most effectiveness. I mean, could this be placed such that the driver & ports face the wall in a corner placement say 2-3 inches from the drywall? With kids running around, it might seem to be a safe thing to do, but not sure if that would reduce or somehow change its FR and/or SPL characteristics. Anyone try this orientation?
wiley52 - Nice space, pics! So how does one configure the MBM-12 with one's amp? I have two subwoofer outputs with my Denon 4311. Is it just configured as a second sub? Not sure if the amp will let me send "50 through crossover" frequencies (i.e. just a range of frequencies) to the MBM-12 unit? Meaning, how to ensure that no frequencies under 50 Hz are sent to the MBM?
Hi oztech - do you hear a significant difference or at least discernable extension when you switch modes, and play, for example the same piece of deep organ music ? Thanks.
Given the reputation of Outlaw, I have to believe that they may accommodate you as being "in-warranty" since you're so close to the 3-year threshold. May or may not be relevant, but I had some rattle like that and noticed that either a power and/or audio cable had gotten tangled either near one of the open ports or the driver. Did you ensure that you don't have any foreign and/or loose objects near your driver, or is this coming from inside the unit? It could also be that...
I was thinking that not only is the LFM-1 Plus amp slightly more powerful (not necessarily a major issue in itself) but the Plus may be using a better 12" driver. It maybe using the same amp and driver as the LFM-1 EX. I believe that the VTF-3 uses a better driver for its 350W amp as compared to the VTF-2.
Yes, this is even better, the amp is 350W and it will be a much better upgrade!
Personally, I'd save up about $300 more and buy the VTF-2's. Why? Because they're 12" subs, more output and extension. It would make your HT experience significantly better, you won't be needing to upgrade for a while (you get 18Hz extension instead of 25Hz with the STF-2's). You're paying so much for shipping and buying these things, I'd step up to the 12" ones. I also second the idea of maybe getting just a single VTF-3 instead. That would rock! Not sure what that...
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