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Just curious, why the Outlaw LFM-1 Plus or EX not in your list or suggested subs? They're both downfiring subs.
I agree with everything everyone else has said. Lava is not the one to get. We need to know your room width, height and length and also your maximum sub budget.
It would be nice if there was some sort of a mesh grille that we could install on the bottom when laying the subwoofer on its side for protecting the driver.
I think they don't make a lot of money selling compacts, given the manufacturing and shipping process fix costs. They'd rather sell a bigger driver and enclosure for more money. That said, I'd still buy an 8" sub mainly because I feel/experience more "mid-to-high" bass from my 8" than from the EX. But that's strictly my opinion. I suspect that having a dual EX setup with a mid bass module would make a kick-ass system. I am curious to know if anyone owns or has thought...
Can you post a (reasonably close up) picture please, wondering if you actually got some custom glass with rounded corners. It would be nice to get some place locally that would provide a glass-top to exactly match the plexiglass.
Agree ..... EX is a steal whenever it goes on sale. For my needs, the fact that it does not look like a speaker/sub and more like a piece of furniture, and the flexibility of ME/MO makes it a better choice.
I am not exactly sure how Audyssey would need to be configured when trying to hookup two subs with only one sub output. My second (newer) receiver has dual sub outs. When I run Audyssey, it cycles through the sub configuration and tries to detect two subs in succession. Currently, I only have one and it skips over the configuration for the second sub.
Agreed. The only issue with a VTF-15H is that it looks like a small washer/dryer (I mean it is humongous), which is one of the reasons I hesitated to get it. But it sounded awesome when I auditioned it at an audio show. If size is not an issue then you'll be ok, to be 100% sure mock up a box with the dimensions of the sub in your room to ensure that you won't be shocked
Just mentioning soundproofing ..... I just got my basement done, and tried to have the contractor install soundproofing insulation and drywall. He balked and said it would cost a bunch more for this "upgrade". In the end, I had to settle for regular drywall, but I purchased a few of these rolls and had them stuffed above the ceiling drywall in the basement. I was very surprised with the results, I can hear the sub on periodic action scenes, but overall very happy with this...
If you have kids or pets, a downfiring sub is ideal with downfiring driver and ports. The EX also looks more like an end table with a high WAF. Given the size of your HT space I would stick with the EX, which is not that much more than a single plus. A Hsu VTF3-MK4 is also an option but it would cost you 50% more than an EX would. I also considered the PB12 NSD, but I like the flexibility of Max Extension vs Max Output modes on the EX.
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