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Wow! This thread gets no love at all.
Mine are set at about 11 oclock. The 12 o'clock position was to much for my room. I connectd the LFE output from my receiver to the LFE input on the 8080's and set them to 75db reference level. I reconnected the speaker wire then ran Audessey.I have mine set about 11 o'clock. The 12:00 was a little to much for my room. I disconnected the speaker wire and connected the sub out from my receiver to the LFE input on the 8080's and set 75db reference level. Disconnected...
I use my ears. You should use yours.
Thanks for everyones response on break in. I was curious because when I first installed mine, I calibrated them and listend briefly before I played a frequency sweep that runs from 100hz down to 20hz, and repeats, for 48 hours. I recalibrated the subs at the 48 hour mark and listened again and noticed improvement over the first listening experience. Just out of curiosity I put Tron's "lightcycle" race on repeat for another 12 hours and after 60 hours the sound of the...
Is there a break in period for the SB Ultra 13? If yes, how long is it? Thanks in advance.
My pair will be here on 7/1. I can't wait!
Was this the Hong Kong version?
This looks official to me.
I have read some of the post about Image Retention and I am honestly surprised by some saying they have not experienced it. I am not calling anyone out, just relating my experience. When first installed my VT50 I immediately adjusted the brightness (53) and contrast (77) to minimize any IR risks. I watched TV as usual and ran slides when I was at work or asleep. After about 250 hours I started setting up my Home Theater and noticed after I finished that the AVR's setup...
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