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I just bought a Sanus LT25, but I wont be able to mount the TV until the 22nd. Here is a link:http://www.sanus.com/ap/en/search/results?manufacturer=mf-pct-fp-123&model=pct-fp-26507&method=mountfinder
I understand that setting contrast and brightness to 50% is one of the steps in the breakin process. Do you start the breakin process in the "out of the box" mode or do you use a different setting? Thanks.
I am late to the party, but if your dealer will offer you the ability to return the 8080s if you dont like them......jump on it. The only other considetration I can think of is room size. I have mine installed in a 21x13.5 room with very good results after some bass adjustment. If you are happy with the sound of the 8060s in your current environment you will have an eargasm with the 8080s.
When I installed the 8080s in my room, the base was off the hook at he 12 o'clock setting that Definitive recommends. Moving the setting to between 10 and 11 o'clock provided significantly better balance and prevented me from regretting my purchase decision.
I had a similar Best Buy experience when I first auditioned the 8080s. They sounded muffled and lifeless. I went to another store and they sounded significanlty different as in better. I believe your listening experience was impacted by room interaction/setup issues rather than the actual sound of the 8080s. I encourage you to try an audition them at another store before you form an opioion.
At what decibel level were you listening to the speakers. They start get pretty agressive around 95db which is far beyond any reference level you would normally set.
If I understand your question correctly: As you face the speaker they have 2 woofers on the left and one on the right. They are not a mirror imaged pair.
You can call Def Tech and verify, but they need at least 40 hours of break in.
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