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Now I want mint chocolate chip ice cream.
No, that's the featurette from years ago and he was talking about the original theatrical presentation - it has nothing whatsoever to do with the BD.http://forum.blu-ray.com/blu-ray-mov...ml#post4848629
The increase in detail is trememdous. Imagine if they had actually gone the other way and made it worse.... (a la Predator.) It looks fantastic compared to the original release. A few of the shots do look slightly troubling color timing wise but the original is hardly a source to use a benchmark. Take this for example: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...3#post20548183 McKellen is a fairly pasty, pallid looking dude in real life. In the original BD...
Superior? Relative to what? I wouldn't really call Criterion's BD quality in general anything close to superior. Average might be being too kind. I've seen way too many Criterion BD's that look completely lackluster. Extra features are nice, I rarely use them though..... but Criterion's higher prices seem to hardly ever equate to a higher quality presentation.
Wasn't sure where to put this, if it's in the wrong area please move the thread. Does anyone know where I can buy an 8 disc BD replacement case?
I love LotR, but this is better than LotR. Instead of deleting posts that don't deal with Lord of the Rings on BD I think a moderator should change the thread title to How The Universe Began and delete every post that doesn't involve Pincho.
Same here, on my receiver. Never heard of tracks being encoded with "Night mode" in mind, not that I'd know though. Like I said though, it always seemed to me like the mixes on certain old DVD's were absurdly bassy, overblown. Seems to be less so with lossless tracks on BD. If he's talking about night mode it makes sense I guess... never use it personally.
I've noticed the opposite, it sounds to me like the mixes have become less bassy if anything...
I'm ready to get Pincho'd. I've prepared myself this time.
That doesn't bother me too much. But they did get my vote due to horrendous customer service (nothing better than rude responses, being put on hold waiting for a manager, and then being mysteriously "disconnected" while on hold over and over again,) poor pricing models, removal and downgrade of DVR/cable features (no more broadcast resolution passthrough for me, great!,) lackluster HD channel lineup and tortoise-paced adding of new ones, among several other things. I like...
New Posts  All Forums: