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Wow, so they're remastering Fellowship? Awesome, awesome, awesome news.
This TV supports deep color (which does very little but I figured I'd use it for the Hell of it, can't hurt I guess) and I just got an Oppo BDP93 that supports it as well. Would I use Deep Color 30 bit or Deep Color 36 bits (set via the Oppo)? Is the Deep Color functionality always on in this set or is there some setting I missed? Also, am I better of setting the HDMI to deliver YCbCr or RGB? Anyone know which this set "prefers"?
How do you check what version firmware your TV is currently using? I have it set to auto update in standby but I've never got any indication that it updated anything, and every time I go to see the internet crap (Netflix, Youtube, etc.) I have to "refresh internet content" for it to even display anything.... as if it stops talking to the modem after I turn the set off or something.... Is there any way to force it to update, or to check for latest version, via...
I got mine a handful of days back and several of my remote buttons were "sticky" as well. The good news is after repeated use they seem to have gotten "broken in" and are working normally. My "Setup" button stuck down and refused to come up when I was first setting up my 93.... after beating the Hell out of it by pressing it down, waiting for it to pop up, and repeating the process it has smoothed out and works like it should now. The same goes for the handful of other...
It only takes a small handful of days to die of thirst.
But it wouldn't be Oppo disabling the region coding, it would be a 3rd party (just as it is with the DVD region unlocking software.) They obviously designed the BDP93 to have DVD regions locked in but that was disabled through software released by 3rd party. My question is would it be possible to force BD region free play through software or would it have to be via hardware? I know Oppo isn't going to unlock BD region free playback, produce a region free player, nor are...
How exactly does the Super Disk (that unlocks region free DVD functionality) work? Not how to use it, but what within the player does it change that allows for the region fee unlock? Is it possible that there could be a similar disc made for BD region free playback in the future or would that have to be done via hardware?
I have a 55HX800 that's listed as supporting Deep Color, what is that exactly? Would I turn it on when using this player with that TV?
Press the Scene button on the remote and select the Game mode option.
It could be either a motion sickness type reaction caused by the Cinemotion or Motionflow effect or the torched brightness of the display (staring at anything that too bright will cause headaches, and the sets are inordinately bright on the showroom floor), both of which you can adjust once you get it in your home. The reason you don't experience this at a Mom n Pop type of store because they probably have the sets better calibrated (or have the brightness turned way...
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