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Opening it up with Blade Runner is just about the world's worst example. The great thing about the Blade Runner set is that it preserved and made available every single cut of the film (Ridley Scott insisted that it did even though he made it clear he preferred the Final Cut, he did this because he realized there are some fans that prefer the other cuts), even the original. The main gripe about Lucas isn't that he keeps changing it per se - it's that he refused the make...
Entering to win. Haiyo!
Yahahahahaha!Anyway.... huge improvement in fine detail in the remastered Terminator. It's a damn shame about the insane teal bias, but the detail is definitely there.
Leave Malibu Stacy OUT OF THIS!
I'd like a hit or two or whatever you're smoking. The new version has such an insane teal bias that in that shot I linked literally every single color is a variant of teal. There is no flesh tone to speak of, just teal. No white, no black - just teal. It's ridiculous looking. I mean, it just looks terrible. I'm not that worried about it personally as I was never a big fan of the film but I feel bad for the fans who were anticipating this release. The teal bias just looks...
Ahahaha, that new color grading is 100% awful, just horrendous. I mean, honestly: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/146911 That's insane. It looks like someone just tossed a bucket of teal paint over the image.
It's those damn kids again. Always out there, those teenage videophiles - scrutinizing the color of my lawn.Up to no damn good.This is so true. For example, look at Judith Light.
Monster is not in the business of targeting audiophiles or videophiles. They target the mainstream consumer, one who has little or no understanding of A/V technology (and they shouldn't be expected to really, is isn't their hobby), and barrage them with clever marketing and misleading pseudo-technical jargon so they can charge a super-premium price for a standard product. Bose does the exact same thing with their absurdly priced low-quality speakers. That is precisely why...
Well, I wasted about 20 minutes or so by continuing to try things I thought would work, like putting the mp3 file in a mov container.... or an mp4 container, and it didn't work at all. I then filled my glass half full of Remy Martin and muxed the video and audio files into an mkv container as you suggested. It works perfectly now. I'd give you full credit for this but you and I both know we can't prove that it wasn't the cognac that made it work.
OK, thanks man.I'll give it a go and let you know.
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