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Seems odd to me. They know enough to know about such a niche issue but they post the information at Amazon and at none of the forums where this information first came to light and is still being discussed? I'll believe it when someone here with both sets post actual captures comparing the two. I can't tell you how many comments I've read on other forums from people who just bought set the saying "Just picked it up and I didn't see ANY green tint! Looks like they fixed...
Thanks man, I'll look into doing that. Little bit of a hassle but I might out of sheer curiosity.
Yep, I thought of all that but the surface is as pristine as the day I bought it (pretty anal about that stuff) and I tried it multiple times - still wouldn't play. Just seemed odd to me. It's the Rykodisc release. Disc plays fine on a couple other players I tried it on. Stuck it into my comp and ripped it with dBpoweramp to see if that read any errors on the disc from surface damage that I couldn't see, that came up clean too.
Speaking of CD's.... I upgraded to the newest firmware recently and went to listen to a normal retail copy of Bowie's Station to Station. If anyone else has a copy, maybe you could try it out and see if it plays. Wouldn't work on mine, came up as "unknown disc" or something. Tried a few other discs - they all played fine. I can't remember if I've tried this specific disc on this specific player before upgrading so I don't know if it's an issue with the firmware, the disc,...
I'm not knocking you or your set, I'm just saying that on a smaller (relatively speaking) set that has never been calibrated and is still using factory settings (and Vizio's are typically torched to Hell) it would be nearly impossible to discern faithful color reproduction even if it had an extreme green bias (as it does).
The Wire (not in HD but still one of the greatest shows of all time) Deadwood (fantastic BD box set came out a little while back) are two killer HBO dramas you should watch if you haven't seen them. As to shows that are currently airing.... Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, and Dexter are up there with 'em. If you haven't seen any of those you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not checking them out. Anyway, I've been a huge fan of the ASoIaF series since the original GoT. I...
When are they going to add BBC-HD (not On Demand, I'm talking about regular cable lineup) to Southern NH?? Comcast sucks.
To be fair he's watching a on 32" Vizio set to Factory Presets, I'm surprised he didn't need sunglasses to watch it.
OK. When has this ever been done by anyone in the history of this format? Do you honestly think TT would completely break their business model for a movie with a tiny, tiny cult following just to move a couple thousand more copies at best? We're not talking about the Godfather here... I think you're hugely overestimating the popularity of this movie. It's not like all orders were filled the day it went up for preorder, it's been up for order for several weeks and they...
Latin is not allowed in this forum.
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