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Exactly. Don't get me wrong. I love my crystal clear setup. It's just that I also really sometimes miss the "old" small touches of seeing film projected. These are things you just don't get from blurays and 1080p projectors. It's just nice for old times sake every once in a while. Sticky floors and all.
I love my home theater. I repeat - I looooove my home theater. The crisp 1080p images are vibrant, color perfect and the 6.1 surround sound completely envelopes my family inside the movie. However, I have been feeling nostalgic as of late and realized that there are a few things I really miss from going to the movies and as much as it surprises me to say it...I miss the crackles and pops of the film soundtrack and the occasional gate weave. I know this sounds absurd...
I use a PS3 where I keep my pre-show movie files. I play the file and quickly hit play on the disc. No one complains and is close enough to seemless for my viewers.
Hey TXFlip, where and for how much did you get that glass shelf? Thanks, Kevin
Here's my 134" 16:9 EluneVision High Contrast Grey...
Was sick this weekend, so I got to catch up on what I'd missed this past year. Saw "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster, Terrance Howard. Great flick. Suspenseful. Original. Also watched "Michael Clayton. Needs no explanation. Just great storytelling -- plain and simple.
I simply put several 1080p HD intros as movie clips on my PS3 hard drive. I run them first and then click play on the BluRay. Not too much latency. Most people are forgiving for the slight inconvenience to be able to enjoy a more complete cinematic experience.
Here's mine. I bought mine frome this place... http://store.nibbin.com/wamodvdmanow.html Shipping took a bit but overall a reasonable experience. It's metal, painted black. Now Playing is embossed on a foam piece that is glued to the unit. Hangs by one screw. I love this piece. Get compliments on it all the time. Best of luck, Kevin
It is very easy to get URC's updateable software if you "Surf" to the right authorized remote control dealer online. I just bought the MX-3000 with the updateable software (for $600) and programmed my remote 2 weeks ago. This remote blows the Harmony's out of the water, including the "nice try but no cigar" Harmony 1000. My two cents.
New Posts  All Forums: