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For my HP PL4200n (technically a px500u) Pic Mode Standard Picture +16 Brightness +11 Color -2 Tint -3 Sharpness -3 Color Temp Normal Color Mng Off Video NR Off 3D Y/C Filter Off Color matrix Off Mpeg NR Off Black Level Dark STB and PS2, Light Xbox SA8300HD via HDMI, DVD Player (PS2) and XBox via component
I opted for their delivery ($64.99) but no installation. I tried my darndest to keep the set vertical. No problems with the set. I guess my learning is just take care of it while transporting.
Just got word that my HP PL4200N came in at CompUSA. I'm arranging to go pick it up myself and with a friend in his truck. The business sales guy let me know to keep the plasma up on end at all times. And if it tilted any or even worse, laid on its side, the television is dead. I don't know if i've missed something here in my research of plasma screens, but I am not aware that tilting a plasma (still in box no less) will immediately kill it. Is this just some bullshiat...
Finally I pulled the trigger. I've been researching HDTVs for months now, and decided on the pl4200n. Got it at CompUSA. I'll have to wait a few days for it, because they didnt have it in store. If you talk with the business sales guy, he'll more than likely hook up you. PM me for a final $$$.
Does everyone who has this Hisense model have the 720p flicker issue? Or is this a spotty issue and worth the risk. Also, to what severity is the flicker? I plan on playing plenty of xbox on 720p and was wondering if the issue is widespread and how bad it is.
does anyone have a measurement for the stand base? I just want to know if it's too wide to fit on my stand I saw this TV in the tiger direct catalog and it looked too good to be true! Especially after reading all the glowing reviews in this thread.
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