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I just called and the number is disconnected.I'll try to drive by an see if its hopefully not shuttered
I'll be very interested in what the you guys think about the MMC2 compared with the MC1. I have 6 nine year old MC1's and recently had one delaminate . I replaced it with a new one , but since I took off the grill cloth to see the insides I have a pretty good hunch that the other five will not be long for this world. Since I only use the 7.2 system for a better back end with blu-ray concerts , my current plan is to upgrade to four non motorized MMC2's for the my 5.2...
this is a good list - http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/dvdalist.htm theres one other with more info DVD registry - DVD-A.info but I think its gone
i can't directly answer your post , but the translation to English from whatever language the UD9004 User Guide is from leaves a lot to be desired.Mine is printed in China.What I have done is downloaded and printed out the Owners Manuals for the UD9004 clonesDenon DVD-A1UDCIhttp://safemanuals.com/user-guide-instructions-owner-manual/DENON/DVD-A1UD-_Eand the McIntosh...
Some Reminiscing -The 901's were my first pair of quality speakers in July 1972.Sprung for the stands and the extra walnut faces that used newly invented velcro for attachmentI had a sealed Procol Harem album waiting - first song i spun was Conquistador - seemed like heavenMy Sansui couldn't really push them so within a year i got a Phase Linear - really sweetened them upMusic got expensive fast.
Just received mine today from the UK - so it took 1 week 4 days since ordering.It came in the mail
ca1ore - I'm following your lead - just ordered it from Amazon UK.
I've been using 7" Lilliput LCD's since 2004 It's used as a display for my SACD , DVD-Audio , DVD and Blu-Ray players and an XM tuner and Velodyne subwoofer equalizer . I did burn one out early on connecting it to my plasma to display TV programs . It worked for about a week and then got hot and quit - somehow just not compatible . Its connected with a mixture of component and s-video splitters
my initial excitement was stopped when I learned this was released by the dreaded SILVERLINE label. But the good news is that other music sites rate this as one of the few good Silverline 5.1 releases. its been ordered appreciate the heads up Zen Traveler
thanks for the compliment - the shag carpet is for sound adjustment for the magnepan center speaker . the bug zapper is a good description - thats the cat claw protection for that same center speaker . -
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