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I don't watch it very often. But I just noticed that channel 9 has finally started showing Jeopardy in HD. How long has this been going on?
I wasn't very impressed with the HD telecast. It seemed like when the camera is at a distance and it shows all of the anchorman at the same time, the picture looks really blurry (or at least the anchormen's faces do). And it seems to be a little much with the blue lighting. But on the positive side the close ups look much better and the on screen graphics look pretty good too.
Well I've been out of pocket for a while so I'm just now getting around to reading all the post. I appreciate all the info from everyone. Most everything makes perfect sense (although some things were a little over my head). I would like some clarification on the end result of a DVD if I use a 60i camera and use iMovie to create the DVD. I was always under the impression that DVD can't show anything above 480i, is that correct? I didn't mention creating blu-ray because I...
I've been casually looking at HD camcorders for over a year now and have yet to make a purchase. But I really need to pull the trigger on something. I would really like to stay under $450-$500. It will probably only be used for my daughters functions (chorus, piano recitals, etc) and the rare vacations when we get to actually take one. And I guess the main feature would be a camcorder that plays well with Macs. I guess I'm rated as a basic when it comes to tech so I don't...
I may end up having to let a pro do this. But I'm curious how difficult it would be to convert some old VHS-C and also some mini-DVI's to DVD. The only computer I have is an iMac (last years model). Does anyone know if the Mac is capable of doing this or would I have to purchase some other equipment? I don't know anything about video editing. And I really don't care about editing the tapes. I would like to make complete copies. Any suggestions?
I'm sure I'll probably end up buying it from Amazon. But I just normally prefer to buy electronics from a local store. Although I know Amazon works well with customers if theres any issues, It just makes things a little easier if there's a problem or defect.
May I ask where you found one in store? I've looked everywhere and the only place I found one was Amazon.
So is Amazon going to be the only place to ever sell the 700? I've been checking weekly at all our local big box stores and nobody sells the 700. There's nothing wrong with Amazon, but I just prefer to do business with a local store in case I have any issues. Best Buy sells panasonic but they don't carry that model.
So does anyone know when the V700 will hit the market? I noticed Amazon has a HC-V700K and HC-V700MK listed. Does anyone know what the difference is with these units? Neither one has any reviews on their website.
I've browsed their website a little. It appears they have several new models coming out. Does anyone know which model is designed to replace the HDC-TM90?
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