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Unless you sleep like Rip Van Winkle, literally, you should not get IR on your LCD and it is not a different technology at that level than your monitor so it is a good comparison
1) I personally prefer running my XBR3 from my 8300HD via component. Channel changing is much smoother and faster. That being said when I record on my 8300 the XBR3 is not involved at all. It either records to the internal DVR or if I archive to DVD the signal passes over a direct connection between the 8300 and DVD recorder. 2) I do not think it is in the same class as the 960. SD is going to look alot worse if you sit less than 10 feet away and your blacks while good...
Thanks I figured that out last night around midnight. Im not really sure I like the results. I could not find a good mode to stretch it back upon replay. It looks like an anamorphic image when recording but just not as compressed as I thought. Once again thanks for the reply that was right on.
I know this is a loaded ? but I have not been able to get my ES45 to record from from SA 8300 in 16:9 mode with DVD RAM. Has anyone successfully done so? I have read that you can do so with the firewire DV input but I am looking for something over S video. I had assumed it was all letterboxed but then I was reading in the manual about 16:9 for RAM (but then there is nothing else listed!) thanks
This will not work for you because only two channels of audio will travel over the HDMI to the TV so when you optically connect to your receiver there are only 2 channels there. Try connecting the optical cable directly from your DVD player to the receiver.
In your price range and for what you watch I would strongly suggest the Panasonic 42 ED plasma.
Rich, I think this is a great thread to add some objective "see for yourself" data for the endless LCD vs plasma questions for shoppers. I had the 42 Panasonic ED before swapping it out for my XBR3. While I really like the latter for all of the usual LCD reasons, when I sat one room away from our den (60 degrees and 20 feet to the display) and looked at my plasma it was clearly richer than my LCD is today. If I had never seen the plasma I would never notice. But ...
Without getting into a flame war, I think you really have to look at these sets and make your own decision. RPTV is nice but many have commented on its ability to do SD. I do not like the SSE in the RPTVs either but YMMV. Pick your poison as you will not get the "best" set as there is not one but you can get the best set for you and your room. Personally I am very happy with my XBR3 and like it more as the weeks go on.
I demoed the Panasonic 42 EDTV in my very bright AZ den and at night it was awesome but in the day with 4 windows on two walls and 3 skylights it drove me nuts with reflections and glare. My XBR3 is much better with this set up. Yes the piano black outer part is reflective but my eyes are on the screen when I watch so I never notice unless I force myself to look--not distracting at all for me.
you should be fine
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