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I don't think Jaime would kill his own son as a first resort...
Excellent points and I remarked to my wife before the last episode how much the women really control the men's fate in this story or at least influence their actions and how the real power lies with them despite the men wielding thrones and swords. Rob was done in by his mother's promise and his chosen wife, Ned's fate was sealed by Sansa and Cersei, Jaime is so swayed to act for both Cersei and Brienne, Jon Snow by Ygritte, Tyrion by Shae, Samwell by Gilly, Stannis by...
Very well put.
Remember Tywin puts family first in everything though. He puts up with the antics of all the children but with much protesting. He wanted to kill Tyrion at birth but didn't because he was a Lannister. Tywin is anything but talk when it comes to anyone outside the family as we saw at the Red Wedding so I don't think he's soft in any way, just not a brute and one to knee jerk respond to situations that have far reaching political implications with the throne and the tides...
How about the book readers who want to sit in here and go "ah-ha!" and look brilliant for seeing something we missed just go play in the other thread and let us enjoy the show the way the author and director wanted us to? Tired of this crap. This was the last safe haven to talk about the show and now that's ruined. *table flip*
ok - piss poor contract writing.
I think it was piss poor planning to cast a guy in what - 4, 5 episodes before recasting him knowing damn well he was part of the story going forward.
I agree - I mean this is about men and beer right?
It's one of those corks that is half in/half out right? (like Champagne)Couldn't you just cut the bottom part off and glue the top back on and re-wire it to give the appearance it's still corked while empty?
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