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I ended up using 6 of the panels to see if I would get any improvement. I wrapped them in fabric and hung them up at reflection points. They did cut down on sibilance but didn't do much with the echo. I hung heavy drapes in the back of the room and that seemed to help. I will keep the ceiling panels in place for now. After doing some reading, I'm going to try to use some Owens Cornings 705 or mineral wool to make my own panels. Thanks for the help.
I'm thinking about picking this up at Walmart. I don't need streaming or anything. I just want a blu ray player that plays blu rays well and is glitch free. Will this work for my relatively basic needs? Thanks.
These are about $2-$3 each for 2'x2' panels at Home Depot. How effective would these be if hung up on the wall in my home theater room? Here's a link: http://www.usg.com/cheyenne-ceiling-panels.html What I'm trying to do is get rid of unwanted echo and tame the overall brightness of my system. Thanks in advance!
Thanks for help guys. It looks like I do some more reading before I attempt this. Again, this is just something to do to pass the time
Not trying to accomplish anything really. Just thought it'd be a fun project.
Ok, I purchased some Monster in-ceiling speakers from a known "accessories" website for cheap. 5 of em for $65. They arrived today and they seem to be pretty good speakers. What I want to do is build cabinets for them. I've thought about speaker building before and am sorta familiar with the process but I've never heard of building cabinets/enclosures for in wall/ceiling speakers. Will this work? This will be my first attempt at this kind of thing and will...
Thanks for the help. I just received an email back from Def Tech. He also insisted on not using anything besides the original woofer. Thanks again!
I want to replace a blown woofer in my Def Tech Pro Sub 200tl. Do I have to use the exact woofer from the manufacturer or can I use any 12" woofer? I came across this particular woofer on SciPlus.com: http://www.sciplus.com/category.cfm/...7/category/158 part #: 38718 but it's mentioned rated power is only 50 watts while the amp in the Pro Sub 200 is rated at something like 200 watts RMS. Do power ratings mean anything when it comes to subs? Will this woofer...
...Anyone have any experience with these? A certain "accessories" website has these on clearance for $13 each, down from $80. I went ahead and purchased 5. Even if they suck, I'm only down $65 . I can't find anything useful about these online and they aren't even on Monster's website. Can anyone tell me anything about these speakers? Will they work in a 5.1 home theater setup or are they going to better off as ambient speakers? Any help at all will be appreciated. ...
This is probably a dumb question but I just came across some very inexpensive in ceiling speakers and need to know if they have to be installed in the ceiling/wall. Can these be hung from a bracket or installed in a DIY enclosure? Please let me know. Thanks.
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