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This would be awesome!
What's this new WACP channel 4 I just found today? HD and SD version. Infomercials all day?
I don't know... I've seen a lot of SA GAINMAKER(tm) amplifiers and line extenders in Montgomery County. Look up GAINMAKER and they are all 860 MHz (blue label) or 1 GHz (red label). Go a little west into Berks County and you'll see SA SYSTEM II and III gear. Much different looking housings. They are 750 MHz (pushing to 771). I think most of the area is 860 in Montgomery county, but the OTN or hub only has enough bandwidth for 780 - 800 MHz. Your only as good as your...
WCAU 10 through DirecTV. Sounded great, but I still think there's detail lost in the field ie) washed out. Flipped to the ClearQAM version of WCAU 10 on Service Electric Cable, and it was slightly clearer, but still compression artifacts in the grass (soupy laggy lower color definition micro blocks).
This looks to be a great show. I was flipping between this and Sunday Night Football and the little bit I saw was interesting. It's on the DVR so I'll try and check it out today. I'm a big fan of Dogfishhead brews. I really like their 60 minute IPA. There's some other good brews around me like Victory and SlyFox. I've been tasting some brews from Smuttynose Brewing Co and Founders and they make pretty good ones as well.
It wasn't even advertised on our "WoM" lineup card. But it showed up on the day of the upgrade. I had a ticket in with corporate and it took them a few days to put it on the Fancast online listings, so the online DVR scheduler would work with the channel.
We have HDNet in Reading, PA , which is about 50 miles west of Center City Philadelphia. It's on Ch 897. Sadly, HDNet Movies did not make it into our "World of More" lineup, however.
Wow that surprises me. I guess that solidifies my decision to go with Dish, because at least you can request the 922 DVR, which has better graphics than any other providers set top box.
Is it true that for Multi-Room DVR, you need HR-24? If that's the case, you could guarantee the latest DVR by ordering multi room.
I have a DCX3400, which is now on S/W Ver: 78.53 - A28p0-4.1005.r-8 Firmware: 22.65 This was pushed out between 3am and 6am on 7/14 to most of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania systems. The guide is now filled out for 15 days, as opposed to 10 days. If your in a favorites channel list, go into the info of a program, and push last to go back to the channel list; it now properly keeps you where you were in the grid instead of erroneously starting over. I-Guide...
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