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You really don't need to hook up the power switch for the case, but if you need to then there is this two pin splitter from performance pc's. But in all honesty you really don't need it. I never use the power switch since I installed the ir plex board, and for 5VSB hook up all I did was flatten out the terminal and shoved it straight into my mobo's ATX connector to the 5VSB wire. Took me ten minutes to install and works perfect for my Harmony 720.
Save your OS to image after you made your configurations, using either W7 image backup or third party like Acronis. As long as you can save the file to an image your good to go. Use imgburn to make your .iso file then use Win2flash to make a bootable install via USB stick.
HD Movie Source are still taking pre orders, pretty pricey for a real crappy cataloged movie.http://www.hdmoviesource.com/product-p/6430.htm
Georgie boy?? I don't mind if they talk over that event, I guess they fixed the feed so it's back to recording. I knew TWC would do something to screw up my one file rec.
Canned the recording and pulled the plug on this TWC feed here in Los Ageles.
So much for the clean feed getting sound glitching and pixallation. Can't watch it this way what a waste!
The Lorax snipe is really testing me not to go into the woods and chainsaw every friggin tree! I'll post some screen caps of the little mishaps.
Getting really good 5.1 audio clean so far..
Yup set the sw for 10 past glad they are using BBC guys.
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