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Last night I was consistently getting 1 bar for everything, and this is with a wired connection. Reset the modem, router, etc. Backed out of Netflix in NXE and tried to log in again. None of these were any help. Still only 1 bar. Then I went to speedtest.net. I'm located in Arkansas, and to LA I'm getting 15M down. SFO is 12M down. San Jose was 800K down. Could this be an ISP issue or just a product of all of the Netflix traffic being routed into San Jose?
For what it's worth, I just called Cox to see if they could have the Powerboost taken off my account. No dice, as it's a server based deal. The tech, who was friendly and sympathetic, at least, told me that they'd log my complaint and if they had enough issues of the same nature, they'd contact the tech department at Netflix in order to try to figure out a work-around.
Yep, you're spot on. Cox has this "technology." I thought the same thing, dropping from 12Mbps to 9Mbps or so shouldn't affect quality that much, but an absolute 3Mbps drop might make Netflix automatically cut the quality. This could be solved if Netflix would just let the user select the quality that they wanted. I don't mind waiting another minute or two for buffering if I'm going to get near HD quality.
I'm trying to figure out if the issue I'm having is on my end or Netflix's. I am a Cox HSI user, getting between 10 and 17Mbps download speed. When Netflix via NXE first launched, each title started with four bars and the HD logo. However, after about a minute into the movie, I was prompted that my connection speed had changed and that a new quality was being buffered. Now, when I log into Netflix via NXE, I'm getting a signal strenght of 1 bar. My setup is...
I wonder if this is a chicken vs. egg problem. Example: I currently have GOW and Double Agent. I've had them both for over a month and I'm ready for something new, but everything in my Q is short or long wait. I have no reason to send back a game and get nothing in return. However, if all of Gamefly's subscribers have this philosphy, that would explain why there are no games to be recirculated. I don't think there's a cheap solution to their problem. Either buy...
Yeah, I've got the newer silver remote for the HD-DVR.
I'm not sure if I'm posting this question in the right place, but here goes: I've just purchased a Soundmatters Mainstage HD HTIB (which is outstanding, but that's a post for another thread). I'm trying to track down a code that will allow me to use the Cox supplied "universal" remote to control the Mainstage. I've tried to manual procedure to scan codes, but no luck. If anyone has an update code list or additional insights, I'd appreciate it.
From personal experience, a G band router works fine for gaming, but I noticed a vast increase in streaming multimedia quality when I switched to an A band router. Linksys makes a good A-G-B router for about $125. If you've already spent $100 on the official MS USB wireless adapter, you might as well get an A band router to take full advantage of it's potential.
Game 1 of the World Series and no HD. I sen them an e-mail, and I'm sure they'll get right around to it on Monday morning.
I called today. They're looking into it, but the guy that answered my call said it COULD be written into the KTUL retransmission agreement that the HD channel can't be recorded. Purely speculation, as he also had no immediate knowledge of the KHOG-KTUL issue. I'm supposed to get a call back on Friday afternoon if they have any additional details.
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