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Appreciate the apology. Will have to hunt you down if you post the US/Canada score though
Thanks for spoiling the game for those of us who didn't take off work.Couldn't even bother to use the "spoiler" feature of the site to hide it.Make sure and post the US/Canada result too...edited to remove results from quote.
The JL subs are available at a significant discount, so the real price is about 70% or less than MSRP. Still not a budget sub, but competitive with other top product from Seaton and SVSAs before, the JL has a specific use case where it makes sense. It's easy to say there are better options but I'm still not aware of the vast array of subs that are the same size, fit and finish as an F113, with equal or better output, and substantially less cost than a realistic out the...
My mistake - misread it as the PC Ultra.The SB Ultra does not have the output of the F113. This was confirmed by Ed Mullen on one of the AVS SVS threads a year or so ago when that question was asked directly.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1227670/svs-sealed-subs/330#post_19099571
The point that was made earlier that the JL's offer a unique combination of size, finish, and output. The SVS, for example, is more than double the cu in.If you don't need the form factor or finish, no argument that the JL isn't the most economical choice, but in a mixed use room, the JL's are a lot less physically imposing than almost all of the alternatives with similar performance. It's a niche product, but if you're in that niche....
Perhaps I missed it, but I can't find anything in your response that suggests that power cables are audibly impactful other than those that would seemingly be resolved by a normal well shielded cable and sensible cable routing. Haven't seen many posts on exploding caps, so while I won't argue that its a possible outcome, it doesn't seem to be prevalent in the consumer market.Am I not understanding or are we discussing issues that exist but don't rise to audible within a...
Did I miss the response?JN, can we cut to the chase? Is what you describe likely to be audible?
I was at the Glenside show and thought the bass was too loud during the first song but was mixed ok throughout the rest of the show. Probably dependent on where each of us was sitting.
Yes, safety first - There is the inevitable turkey spatter.
I know how to do it, but it involves a claw hammer, a smoked turkey leg (must be from a male Tom, not a hen), and a short wavelength high powered laser. Gather em up and let me know when you're ready for the detailed instructions
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