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Whoa, big! Really BIG!! My 12" sub took one look and scuttled off into the corner.
Nothing's built yet, but I have already settled on the final design. Just wondered if I would have to model again.
I'm curious to know if they model any differently than the originals. I got my pre-notice today that my driver ships next week. I'll have to input the new numbers to see how they compare.
Bomber. Is this the site? He only went up to 6" ports so I don't know how that translates to larger ports. I'm still pondering the advantages/disadvantages of a sealed build.
Well, I've booked the driver before I talk myself out of it again. I can't see a better opportunity than this coming along for a guy north of the 49th.Its not the not the box that scares me per se. It the three floors up in a narrow stairwell that scares me. I would have to haul sonotube up over the balconyI could get up close to 30cf with 30" diameter sonotube but that's starting to occupy a lot of space. Hmm... you know, with a few tapcon screws I could just strap...
Here is 10 cd sealed. Just how much extra power is this sub going to need in a sealed configuration to play flat to 12-15 Hz?
I thought I would post some graphs. Here is a 25 cf enclosure, 1,200w applied. You can see that with a 10" port, the first port resonance is awfully low. Here's the port velocity: Doing the image capture, I noticed that at 12Hz the port velocity is not that bad. How often do you suppose there is going to be 10Hz content? Is a peak velocity of 26 m/s going to cause audible chuffing with a 10" flared port? 25 cf is rather large...
Thanks for the reply Bomber. If that peak is above what the driver can handle, bad things may happen, correct? That is what I thought the manufacturers power handling number was an indicator of.
Why do you say that?I don't understand driver power handling, but I thought that the number the manufacturers gave, in this case 1,200w, was the max safe power you could apply before coils started to burn.
a 10 cf sealed sub would be down 18 db at 12 Hz. I think that would be a little much for my room to overcome. With 1,200 w of power handling, I don't know how much room I have to apply EQ. My current sub has an f3 of 27 Hz and should be down 12 db at 22 Hz. In fact it plays flat to about 21 Hz. The idea of a sealed sub is appealing, though it would be fun to watch my landlords eyes bug out when I hauled 6.5' of 28" sonotube into my apartment
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