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I finally got my TV service. The tech knew it is a voltage problem. He tried to adjust it but from the pattern generator, it got worst. He ordered a new panel for my 7000. I wait a week and report back.
Your better off with a switch there as you may get future devices that require ethernet connectivity. I currently have a switch in my cabinet and currently connected are the tv/ps3/xbox/htpc/spare port laptop if need be
connect a source to that input or change inputs? you would need to give more info about how this comes up
Oh, i just posted a seperate message without a response and this pops up. I guess its a known issue. It didn't start on day 1. It just started recently on my PN58C7000 I didn't really find many answers what samsung did to fix. Have they been replacing these units?
Not sure if I should put this in the Plasma owners thread or not. Can someone explain these pictures? I have a PN58C7000. The main board has been replaced already due to 3D issue on day 1. Lately when we watch cartoons (for the child), on some shows that feature almost all white, i get a bunch of noise or tearing at the top of the screen. Im in no mood to deal with Samsung yet on this issue and wanted to come here first to get it checked out. My last issue...
if everything is green, you may have your green and blue crossed. make sure you got the right connections set up and that on the ps3 end, its fully pushed in!
Too lazy to throw in the disc but i doubt it
I didn't search but when did Samsung remove "The Soap Opera" effect from the 7000 series? It took a Google search to see why it disappeared. At the same time, my tv was being serviced so i thought the technician broke something. To bring make, i changed the TV withing service menu to 8000 series and now its back. Samsung apparently does not know what the problem is after trying to explain it to various people and service provides.
Agreed, the USB over CAT5/6 does not work. I used the active repeater and it works great. You can daisy chain the active repeaters.
Question? My TV had a 3D problem from day 1 (it never worked out of the box). The tech swapped out a motherboard. We turned it on, tested the problem and i would say its improved. Soon after the tech left, i started testing other things such as PS3 and regular TV. PS3 3D seem to be ghosting. So i did a factory reset. Problem still there so i upgraded frim from 1026 (i think) to most recent 1031. PS3 fixed. Looks so much better. Now on to TV....i think the...
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