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Rich,I have the 57 and the JVC glasses. I am also new to 3D so I may not be the best person to respond. I do turn off the RF glasses each time I use them. I find that I have to press the button "on" for a few seconds before they sync. I have had to do it each time I turn it on. I thought that was normal. All my JVC glasses have worked so far. No issues. By the way, I saw your comments about Jurrasic park 3D. I found the colour was way cooked for red in that movie as well,...
Best post (for me) in 6 months of reading posts. Thanks soooo much Mark. I had one of those "aha" moments and the light bulbs went on upstairs. Thank you again for posting. If you ever come to Toronto, I'll buy you a beer. I kind of went "dang, I've done it wrong for my last 3 projectors! " A new one gets installed next week hopefully. Maybe I will get it right this time!
I just spoke with the VP at JVC in charge of the projectors, here in Canada. The projectors were shipped to JVC Canada. As Rich indicated, they have updated the firmware and bench checked every unit before going out. JVC Canada knew it was going to delay things a bit, but they wanted to spare the consumer and distributors the aggravation. Apparently the last batch of projectors from their original order was shipped expedited to the Distributors yesterday. If anyone is...
Rich, Did it come with the new updated firmware ? Still waiting on mine. Next couple of days I hope.Let us know first impressions.
Rich,Well, if it helps I'm still waiting as well. I'm not phoning my distributor anymore and figured when you get yours I should be close as well. That's the reason for my post. Maybe next week will be the magic week. I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us. My old projector died 4 months ago, so I've been going through withdrawal symptoms, with no projector. I learned the hard way about JVC delivery dates. Mid November delivery was just a tad off. Pretty excited about...
Rich,I thought your dealer said this week? What's the new ETA?
Hmmmmm ....automated curtains. Another cool idea....must resist...must resist. ..I'm probably not going to do the whole room, but definitely the front half where the screen is. This dang hobby is addicting though, getting the best picture and sound.Your room looks a real class job. Thanks for sharing the details and pictures. I can see next week as a viable date this time for your delivery. Be sure to let us know when you get it.
Yes, a 57. Everything in my room is set up for it. I have to thank you though. I've watched your blog on the theatre build. A few of your ideas ended up in my basement, and you've inspired me do to a few things , because of what you have done. I'm thinking of doing the velvet curtains that hide behind things or other drapes, and pull them out when I need them. I may ask you later who you used to do the sewing. I think it's going in the budget for 2014, but not now, as it...
Rich, what's the latest on your delivery? Any ETA ?I feel your pain, having to arrange contractors and all, I'm still waiting for mine, but I don't have contractors to worry about.Ross
Put one set of lights on a remote control dimming circuit. You will be glad you did. When you change out your DVD or someone wants to go to the bathroom, and they throw the lights on, everyone's eyes will pay the price. Turning on the lights ever so gently is the way to go. Best thing I ever did to my room.Ross
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