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Yeah, I've had the same issue, and that along with all the others made me decide it just wasn't worth using any more.
This is timely info as I have just recently, and reluctantly, decided to put my 4806 up for sale. It is in its original box, with all original items, and an unused remote, as I always used a master universal remote instead.
If they have a music only 5.1 song track, fine, but I will not sit through that movie on a regular basis just to hear the soundtrack. Much too painful from my memory, lol.
No reason not to enjoy the speakers you have. All of them are more than decent enough to produce very good sound if used properly. I've owned the Overture 3's myself, as well as the RS3's (still have a couple of pairs), and they were all quite good. The Overtures tend to have a very spacious sound, which can really add to any surround system. I used the RS3's not only as side surrounds, but also as dual center channels, connected to an original Denon 4806, and once I got...
Hi:Firefox does have some similar type capabilities as IE, but much more basic. I had considered that at first, but it would end up affecting everything else until I reset it, so that option was out.For whatever reason my PM window is different now. The PM message box is wider, like it should be, and I no longer need to scroll down to click on preview/submit. Additionally, the 'Please Wait' pop-up did not appear during 'preview' the last time I used it, but does still...
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure about noscript right now as it appears to require constant approval of all the sites I visit, and this is the only one that is really a problem right now. But I will consider it. I did go ahead and install adblock (the new plus version), which has apparently done exactly what you stated, so all good there. Thanks again.
Ha, ha, they deleted my post. Wonder how points it takes to have my membership revoked (big brother is everywhere, lol)? I re-enbled firefox 'flashblock', and it helped a little, but the scrolling is still a big separate issue. Large 'post' windows, without a scrolling feature, are also unappreciated, as they are the only ones who use it. You actually have to scroll down to click 'preview' or 'submit'. Pure genius.
I don't think that it is only that is messing things up, but also the way they have sized their pages. I just noticed that each scroll click of my mouse scrolls only about half the distance as it does on virtually any other web page or document. How does one work around that without affecting everything else besides this stupid site? I'm on Firefox, and don't plan on switching browsers.
toslat: Seriously, for its first week what do you expect? Additionally, it looks like there are probably a number of receivers listed under 'home theater'. The categories just need a little bit of work, with some guiding suggestions, for each one, and then I think you'll be able to find plenty of what you are looking for soon enough. I see the same large number of listings as mrlittlejeans does.
I just think you made more of a case for why people had every right to change their minds about various products, more than how they actually go about jumping at every latest and newest thing to come along. Don't get me wrong, I do think that the general public can be very fickle. I just didn't think your case fit the argument. But enough said, not worth really discussing, sorry.
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