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OH FOR a 2030 not the 3020... I miss read that...the numbers were too alike. OH Well. Rich
So your saying it is a sale that may not last?? From your write up I am glad the lamp I used is from Epson... Rich
Thanks for that post. And to learn that my next lamp will cost me only $99.00 is also good news. Rich
Question: is this normal?? Rich
Well I have not been back for a long time. Once I got my Epson 3020 and following advice here had it replaced a few times to get a good one I have been very happy with it until lately. My day time TV burned out so I had to get a replacement. I got a Sceptre 50 inch LED 1080P unit and darn is it bright , sharp and has great contrast and color tone...in short it started to make the Epson look bad. And so it should,although the Epson 3020 lamp is rated for 4000 hours I...
Mine just pulled out, yes they are tight..but just pull a little hard and then a little hard until they pull out straight. I have recharged mine a couple of times. ALSO to check on battery life hold the pairing button down until you get a readout on the screen with the number of hours left. Rich
I ended up with two electronic switches that protect the Sony and the Projector from a pair of machinal switches that let me make a direct hard line from the Sony to the 3020 thought only one 2 to 1 electronic switcher to allow the system to play 3D Blu-Ray disks.Rich
I have run into this from time to time...hate HDMI, what a crappy setup... Try turning your units on in different ways, like start your main output unit (DVD, Cable box.) Then your stereo and then your projector..slowly, give the HDMI handshake time to complete its cycle for each device...this can take up to 30 seconds. Or try your projector then stereo then output. HDMI has to talk with each device and do a hand shake before it will work. Also some HDMI Devices do not...
On sad fact of running a projector is you will see more of the mistakes they make within a film...I catch them using a soft focus on a lot of female actors and crystal clear on the mail actors... And even some time they fail to pull sharp focus on a scene. Rich
Also use some string to make sure your centered the projector to the screen...if both pieces are the same size from the left and right corner to the point where you plan on mounting your projector your set. Last use a mount that will allow the projector lens to be even with the top of the screen, with my. ceiling mounted pull down screen I have the projector about 8 inches from the ceiling which is your normal 8 ft. high. Rich
New Posts  All Forums: