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Thanks for the reply! I have tried both Chrome and IE (even tried IE in compatibilty mode), but nothing works on the receivers. They just refresh the screen with the old values. I have different models of the Denon AVRs and all do this.
How do you guys use the web interface to make changes? I have never been able to do that with ANY of the Denon receivers I have owned. The settings display in the browser, but after I make any change, the screen refreshes and the old setting comes back.Thanks.
Spoke with a tier 2 X1 tech last week due to an open ticket I had, and he told me they are working on the issue of some programs not recording for their customers. He said it was only affecting 1% of the customers, but with a million of them, it was a lot of people affected. So, he said the known issue with the missing DD 5.1 audio for the recordings watched on the sat boxes will be addressed "in 3 months or so". Hope he was being conservative in that estimate!
Thanks! I really appreciate the answer. I have not been able to get anyone to acknowledge this until now.
Hello. Is anyone here able to hear their X1 DVR recordings in surround (5.1 channel) mode WHEN PLAYED from one of the satellite boxes? All my recordings only come across as stereo from the X1 DVR to the satellite X1 box. The same recordings do play in 5.1 surround if I play them directly on the DVR itself. The satellite X1 box does output surround sound when I am watching other HD cable channels and On Demand programs. Only the DVR recordings drop to stereo. Is this...
Yes. Unfortunately, that was the problem. I moved the subs behind the listening area and the bass response is much better. Ordering the SVS SB13 Ultra may not have been needed, but that sub is so nice! I'm upgrading both of the PB-12 NSDs.
I tried that test and the bass was the same with either sub on with the phase set to 0. So, at least I confirmed that the subs seem to be wired correctly.
Thanks! I got some test tones today and played them with both subs and then with only 1 sub (alternating). It was AMAZING how in my seating location the bass was almost non-existent! It was really loud and almost boomy in the front half of the room, but the back part was dead until I got up to the back wall.So, I'm moving them to the back of the room. I moved one and instantly had a lot of bass. Not sure why it is so dead in my seating area, since it's not in the...
Thanks. I tried one of the subs with the phase at 0 and the other at 180 and the one with the 180 setting seemed to have a bit more bass. So, I moved the other to 180 and things seem a bit better. I'll try it out tonight with an action movie and see.
Thanks for bringing this one out. The listening position is at about 2/3 of the way from the front, so not in the middle of the room. I've had such a time with this, that I finally broke down yesterday and put the subs in my listening chair and crawled around the room's edge with my head close to the ground. I have to say that it did not give me much in the way of information, but the front corners were the only ones with some bass.
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