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I managed to get KXTU to work by taking all of the splitters out of the line and running just a straight wire to one tuner. This gets me 23 dB SNR, which is adequate. All other locals, even split 4 ways, are better than 30dB. At least I know there is still some kind of signal; now I just need to decide how best to use it. So, I'm thinking about using a distribution amplifier (CM-3414, perhaps) instead of splitters (currently a 1->2 with another 1->2 on each branch). ...
No luck for me so far on channel 20. I am using a CM4228 with a direct line of sight from the Black Forest. The channel 57 signal was marginal but usable; I see that I am losing a few dB with the lower frequency on this antenna. I wonder if a 91XG would do the trick. Now that KKTV is UHF I no longer have to care about VHF performance.
The low power HD signal for KXTU (CW Network) which had been broadcasting on channel 57 seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know about this? The SD KXTU subchannel on physical channel 22 is still there.
With the latest ABI breakage between the nvidia blob and Xorg 1.11, I am once again looking to see if there is a working alternative. Does anyone have a working combination of hardware and software with hardware assisted video and a non-proprietary driver? I haven't checked for a few years and I just wonder if anything has gotten past the "all promises" stage.
KKTV is UHF now. Physical channel 49.
Here is what I am using. You can probably get by with a 32" dish. Support for this tuner is included in recent linux kernels. Windows probably works too but I have no experience with that.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...0#post18040150
I'm closer than you and have had no luck. I think you have to be in town to have a chance at this one. However, the KXTU broadcast that is multicast with KXRM does have better quality than it used to, and is wide screen SD.
Not even a kilowatt? Less than a toaster. I guess that explains why I can see there is a signal but cannot get a lock on it. Any chance they'll turn it up? Or are they limited by their LP license?
According to a brief mention here last week: http://springstvtalk.freedomblogging...oins-kxrm/6905 CW57 should have its own HD transmitter this week. Has anyone detected such a signal yet?
Satcom15: for the same prime time program, I get 17406 kb/s from the satellite and 11312 kb/s OTA from KTSC.
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