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This is a owned DVR not leased...in good working order...just deactivated with a good RID....it was replaced with a HR34 Genie that is why it is for sale...I will ship with Deca and BB switch if needed....SOLD
I live in Cleveland and takes a pretty bad storm to loose signal anymore and even then it's usually only a few mins. as long as your dish is dialed in.... I have a 95 or so in signal strengh....I did have to clean wet snow off the dish 3 or 4 times this yr. though
Where is the best place to ground a dish....I went from 4 wires to SWM last fall before it got cold.....it's 50 degrees here in Cleveland today so I was out gettin rid of the other 3 wires I no longer need and found that when the D* installer put up the new HD dish a couple of years ago he did not ground it....the diagrams I been looking out show it connected to the foot....but I have a pole mount in the backyard....no foot...does it matter where it's connected to the dish
Thanks for the replies...I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on one
How does the 23 look in 1080i...anybody use it in 1080i...I was thinking about picking one up for the basement to mate with a rear projection CRT....Elite 530HDi to be exact which only does 1080i...would it be worth it or should I pick up a cheap BD player and save the cash....Tim
I activated my 93 for blockbuster streaming mostly because I've had an online account for 3 years...haven't used it...don't really plan to...I've been renting there discs...you have to pay per download...but wanted it set up just in case...reason I posted was I went on BB today to print my monthly coupon and happen to see where it was activated... it had BDP-93, BDP-95, BDP-97 listed....wondering what the 97 is ????
am-21 not working.....it says tuner removed anyone ever run across this...do they go bad....I did a system test that said everything ok....did a reset and got the same message so I reset locals under antennea and now there completly gone from the guide and the channels....original tuner removed message said to make sure it's plugged in and to check connections....it's been working fine...Directv's been runnin and extra .1 sub channel about neg. with one of the locals...CBS...
Got this from Oppo today..... Please perform the following: Disconnect all cables from the player and flip the player upside down. With the tray facing away from you, you will see in the upper middle-left a slat cut into the bottom baseplate. Insert a small piece of metal such as a screwdriver or butter knife all the way to left hand side of the slat. Insert this piece of metal until there is complete resistence to you pushing it in further. Now slide the piece of metal...
Quote: Originally Posted by racinmd Based on my own experience ( it seems the problems I've had have all been operator head space.) Did you forget to take the protective film off the tray door? It can be one of those "boy am I dumb moments" when your all excited about your new toy and overlook the obvious. MDR That's the first thing they asked me when I called Oppo..actually the guy asked me that about 3 times...all 3 times I assured him that...
My wife and son suprised me today with a 93 for Christmas...4 day weekend 4 BluRays at home....get it hooked up and the tray won't open...Oppo sending a new one out...kinda bummed out my Christmas...
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