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Lately I've grown nervous that my BIC VK-12 sub is bothering the tenant below me. We have hardwood floors in the building and based on the person who walks around above me, I think I might be really noisy for the guy beneath me. I'm thinking of getting an Auralex isolation pad for the sub. The sub is tuned according to Audyssey's guide and isn't really obnoxious, but it does go pretty deep. It's already sitting on thick silicone feet but I think the pad might really...
Well my Onkyo doesn't have "small"...has various frequencies and "full range". I'll try setting it to something inbetween and fiddle. I already have it on good feet.
Yes, my hearing is actually exceptional. My other is an audiologist. I'm suddenly wondering if the amp shouldn't set the center channel to "full range". Could it be sending too much bass that's muddying things out?
I'm reaching my wit's-end with tinkering and adjustment on this problem. There's something I'm flat-out missing, or that I'm not even thinking to try or look at. Problem is that dialogue in movies and TV just isn't very easy to understand. I find myself turning the volume way up to hear people talk, but then all the background sounds and effects are deafening. I've re-run Audyssey several times and followed the FAQs to the letter while doing it. Following calibration...
It's color banding -- strange horizontal blocks of coloring that's a bit "off". I notice it more on the SD stuff on HD channels, i.e. old episodes of The Simpsons broadcast on FOX-HD. Like I said, the Comcast tech noticed a 9dB loss between the drop in my apartment and the distribution closet. There's also two different gauges of wiring in the wall for whatever reason -- RG6 at one point, "RG6 quad" at another. The dumbass contractors likely ran out of RG6-quad and just...
Long story made short, the wiring in my apartment building sucks. There's two different types and gauges of cable between me and the distribution box on the floor. Comcast's own technician (not a contractor) acknowledged it and put in a work order to get it fixed, but the dumbass contractors came and decided a 9dB loss in 100 yards of wiring is "acceptable". I currently get the "basic analog" cable service from them. It runs into a TiVo HD. On some of the channels, I get...
I guess what I don't get is the TV display: 1920x1080 @ 24Hz Is that how it's being displayed, or the input it's receiving?
PS3 is hooked up to my 1 year old Samsung 50" DLP. I have the "24Hz mode" on the PS3 set to automatic, and it is dumping Blu-ray signals as 24Hz. Do I want this? If I turn that setting off, I'm getting it at 60Hz, according to the TV. Logic dictates that 24Hz is best since that's what it's filmed at.
Polk's site says these need to be run in dipole mode based on where I set them up (on the sides of the listening area, firing forward-backward). If they're turned 90 degrees, or on the back wall, you run in bipole. Anyways, how do I even know which side is in-phase?
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