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Well that could be a good or bad thing. I would interpret it as the sub just putting out as much bass as it can, which is the equivalent of setting the crossover very high. You might actually be fine. Run through a calibration DVD with the falling-off bass tone to see if there's any noticeable gap.
Sign on my desk reads: "Please direct all comments to /dev/null". :-D
Run 7.1 if you have a very large room -- should help fill in the soundfield. For smaller rooms, you may not even notice much with the extra two speakers. But this begs the question of the content you're playing back: DVD and HDTV are 5.1 (there are very few 6.1 DVDs). If you're doing Blu-ray/HD-DVD/game console, then you can take advantage of more speakers. Check out some of the BIC/Venturi/Acoustech speakers. Decent bang for the buck. I'd also tell you to hunt around...
The sub's minimum distance from the wall should be equal to or greater than the woofer's diameter. i.e. 12" woofer means at least 12" away from the wall Run Audyssey with the crossover freq set as high as it goes. Put the volume in the middle. If Audyssey sets it at -15dB, turn the volume down a bit and re-run Audyssey. As long as you're not -15 or +15 it's fine. If it sets it at +15, turn the volume up and re-run. I had to do it a few times, but I have a big strong...
Audyssey claims the mic is accurate to 2dB, which is better than most handheld SPL meters. 2dB is damn good. Not even sure I could detect anything better. I would be curious to use an Audyssey MultiEQ amp instead for this...get more measurements or something. SR706 time? Heh.
Etymotic ER6I can be had for under $100. They're a consistent top-performer. Had mine for 3 years and they're just awesome.
Okay, so what crossover settings DO I use for the different channels? I do not have LARGE/SMALL. There's Full Range, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200Hz. I picked 80 for all the speakers and left the LPF of LFE at 80Hz. That should prevent any gaps.
I don't have MultiEQ, just the intro-level Audyssey 2EQ. The LPF of LFE is set to 80Hz, per the instructions.My fronts are full-range Polk R50 towers with dual 6.5" cones and can hit down to 24Hz (though it's likely something more like 60 or 80). I was under the impression that you should pick full range if the speakers are bigger ones, but set everything else to small.
It is setting my center channel to "full range". It's a Polk CSi25 -- two 5.25" woofers and a 1" tweeter. Supposedly rated to 55Hz but I doubt that. It picks 80Hz for the surrounds, which are R15s -- a single 5.25" woofer each, rated to 65Hz. This would lead me to believe that the center should probably be set at 80Hz too...or should it stay at full range?
I'm running an older Polk CSi25 center speaker right now, black finish. I want to swap to something with the cherry color to match my R50 front and R15 surround speakers....and because I just like tinkering and fiddling, of course. The CS1/10 seems like the logical choice -- priced at around $130ish, cherry finish, and has the nice bezeled top so you can flip it and "aim" it towards you. 5.25" cones, like my current CSi25. But I am also seeing the CS2/20 for a bit...
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