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You cannot have the HDMI dump to component on the 606. I don't know if you can do it on any box; and if you could, it would automatically downcovert everything due to HDCP being broken.
Just pulled the trigger on a VK12 subwoofer to replace my Klipsch KSW10. Got it for about $300 shipped (had an 8% off coupon for eBay). Very excited to test it next week with Sunshine, Iron Man, Transformers, T2, and a few TiVo'd shows.
Yep, that's what Polk Audio even says on their website. Now the trouble is finding some reasonably priced bipole speakers.
Follow-up question -- do dipoles need extra wires and/or bi-amp, or will my existing wiring work?
Right now my R15s are to the side on stands -- I'm wondering if they need to be turned 90 degrees and placed on the back wall instead. It could also be that they're simply too close to ear level on the stands and the sound is too direct. I think it's time to take another look at the setup FAQs in this sub-forum and fiddle this weekend.
Many of the home theater setup/test discs have the trailers on them. My Ovation setup disc has all of them.
Right now I've got a decent set of Polk R15 satellites on some stands for my surround speakers, but lately I've been disappointed in the surround field they create. Hence I'm suddenly looking at rear dipole speakers. Looks like this is going to set me back at least $250 if not more -- so I question if it's really worth it. I've never had the chance to hear dipole surround speakers, but everything I read says they will really fill in the rear nicely since the sound is...
I've decided to order the Bic/Acoustech VK12. Thanks for all the helpful info and old discussions. Threw my Klipsch on Craigslist for $125.
$519 is more than I wanted to spend...my tax refund should really go towards paying off the remainder of my credit card debts. Not really looking to go over $400. Thanks for the suggestion though.
When I moved into my current place I bought a used Klipsch KSW10. It's been a pretty good sub but lately I'm just craving something better. Did some reading on here and am coming to the conclusion that the BIC H100, PA120, or VK12 are a nice upgrade along with the Cadence CSX-15 and Elemental A2-300. The BIC stuff can be had for $300 or less on eBay, which is a bargain in my mind. I guess I'm a bit leary on these "unknown" brands, but maybe I'm just out of touch with...
New Posts  All Forums: