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Polk RTi10 towers (F) Polk CSi5 (C) Polk RT/FX (R) BIC VK-12 sub Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver Would it be better to keep the VK12 sub on the LFE output or use the pass-through terminals on the sub? The sub has a switch to allow for it to use its own internal crossover or the receiver's crossover. Obviously the receiver has Audyssey so it can keep things in check either way. Watch about 50% movies and 50% TV. Occasionally play on the PS3 or use the system for music (once or...
Someone locally has a set of mint Polk RTi-A7 floorstanding speakers. I am probably going to pick these up to replace my Monitor 60s. Right now I run the Monitor 60s in bi-amp from an Onkyo TX-SR606 (90W RMS per channel @ 8ohms, 20-20000Hz). Will this be enough horsepower to sufficiently drive the RTi-A7s? The receiver is not true 90WPC in 5.1/7.1. The M60 is 3x5.25" and 1x1.00", 90dB efficient. The A7 is 2x7.00", 1x6.50", 1x1.00", 89dB efficient.
Those might work but they look ridiculous.
How much "lift" do they provide? That spec isn't published anywhere, from what I can see. 2 inches? 4 inches?
Interesting. How easy is it to cut and shape that? I want it to be beveled so the speaker can be tipped upwards.
My TV cabinet has glass shelves -- I'd rather not have something that could resonate. My current/temporary solution is a bunch of stacked felt furniture pads but it looks stupid.
After much fiddling and frustration, I think I need something to "aim" the center speaker up a bit higher since it sits right under the TV but below ear level. Even after re-running the Audyssey setup several times and bumping the gain, the speech still feels too quiet. The speaker is a Polk CS2. It's about 12" off the floor directly under my TV and about 10' back from the center of the listening area. I have no way to move it up any further (above the TV). The CS2...
I was under the impression they also offer surge suppression.
I've been living in various high-rise condo buildings in downtown Chicago for several years now. I question if the wiring is any good since many of these buildings are 30-40 years old. The Comcast/RCN installs are obviously recent and typically very crude. Hence I'm wondering if a cable isolator (to block ground loop hum) is a 'best practice' for me in these places? Holland Electronics has one for around $13 that's well-regarded. The Jensen VRD-1FF is almost...
Thing is, they bought the Sony for that reason. And now it isn't performing as such. And this from the company that invented Blu-ray... He just wants to watch a movie.
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