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So my older Polk bipole surrounds have a woofer+tweeter on one side and tweeter-only on the other. Do I want the woofer+tweeter side facing TOWARDS the couch or AWAY from the couch? I pointed the woofers away to help with a more diffuse soundfield.
Can't. If I do that they'll be literally right next to everyone's ears. The one side of the couch has a big door that opens up to our balcony. Can't wall mount either since it's a huge wall of windows looking out onto the balcony (floor to ceiling).
I just moved into a new apartment. I've got an older set of Polk RT/FX dipole surrounds that I'm struggling to place/configure correctly. The problem is that one surround is sitting parallel to the back wall (the cones are parallel to the wall) and the other surround has to sit perpendicular to the back wall, aka parallel to the adjacent wall. I can't place them both the same due to the size and configuration of the room....very long with a patio door. Each speaker has a...
I recently bought an HP Mini 311 netbook. It's got the NVIDIA Ion LE chipset with 1080p output via the HDMI port. I sometimes hook it into my Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver to do Netflix streaming. However, the TV seems to be overscanning. It's almost like the TV can't show 1920x1080 and is more like 1820x980 or something weird. I went into the NVIDIA control panel on the computer to change the screen size manually. It works, but I get some barreling and pincushioning at the...
Odd, now I don't hear any more static...I wonder if it was just a bad connection or if something came loose? The mfg date on the woofers says 1996 so I'm also thinking it could just be that the woofers cracked from old age.
Update: looks like someone on eBay is selling a pair. Might just take this route.
Confirmed, it's the woofer. I swapped the woofer from the RS into the LS and the static is gone. Does Polk sell replacement woofers? These have a label of "POLK AUDIO BD5806 MW5806"
Great idea. I should add that I even tried fiddling with the crossover frequencies on the amp -- figured maybe it was bottoming out or something, but that had no effect.
Last night I noticed that the woofer on my left surround speaker is outputting a strange static. It's not a hissing. It sounds like radio static. It still produces sound, but it's definitely a bit muffled and there's the static. Swapped the left and right surrounds, confirmed it's the left surround speaker and not faulty cabling, connectors, amp output, etc. I opened up the speaker cabinet and checked the internal wiring. Nothing is corroded or shorting from what I can...
I think the pad is like $50 or something. I just don't want to get a nasty letter from the landlord.
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