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Promo image not a still, and motion pictures have, you know motion in them so shots move.
This is a good thing, the day they stop crap 2k or 1080p masters the better. Plus some transparency on what masters were used on the package is good also. Its not like laserdiscs mastered in HD killed anyone.
Player corrective advice lol
It looks good, really good is beyond a stretch
They could dnr it to death
Upscale alert! http://caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/comparison.php?art=part&x=225&y=174&action=1&image=3&cID=1461&cap1=17849&cap2=17867&lossless=#vergleich 20th Century Fox Should be ashamed
Technically that would be a Key Grip's job
Ah right!
Its to stop ex rental sales, plain and very simple
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