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Hi, I have a Control4 system and an ADT alarm system. I would like to hire someone with experience connecting security systems to Control4 to set up the system so that I can control the alarm system from an Android phone and from a PC/browser remotely. If you know of any good installers in the area, please let me know. Best, Dave
I wanted to provide an update on this thread as I'm getting a lot of PMs on the subject. I ultimately tried 5 different speakers and decided to use four different speakers in different rooms. The reason for this is that each room / application had a different set of requirements in order to sound their best, and I tried to optimize for cost as well where I could. Here are the ones I liked: - The noble fidelity L-85s sounded good in my home theater as surrounds...
Friendly bump. Perhaps not many people have used the CCM ceiling speakers?
I am looking for two pairs of in ceiling speakers for listening to stereo music in two acoustically challenged rooms-- my dining room and kitchen. The dining room in particular is challenging because it has mostly open walls to other rooms on three sides. The room sizes are about 20 x 14 (dining) and 16 x 12 (kitchen.) I have tried a couple of brands and they've had limitations. These are mostly being used for music with a sonos system. The system is...
Does Tivo still offer lifetime? I don't see it on their website:https://www3.tivo.com/store/premiere.do
Hi, thanks everyone for responding. Glad to know it will survive the temperature range!
The transfer must be an improvement from the intial release of the Premiere, as a review I read said that wasn't possible, and it took a long time to transfer. My comcast DVR was $10/month. I also forgot to mention the capability to view photos from Tivo which are stored on a PC is a big plus for me.
Here is what I found regarding Tivo. The Tivo does get better reviews for the UI, speed of navigation, storage space, integration of Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Amazon Video etc.... I haven't tried it yet, so I'm taking the reviews at face value. Tivo supports 3D content per their user forum, although the company dosen't explicity state that in their specs. (Comcast obviously supports it as well.) Comcast on demand does NOT work on Tivo, but Tivo offers...
BTW, I should mention that my owners manual says nothing about storage or operating temperature range other than to avoid unusually humid storage for long period of time and to avoid putting it against a window where it will get direct sun or block ventilation. Not much help.
I am upgrading my HT and will install a 54inch Panny VT25 soon, and want to move my Hitachi 55inch plasma to the garage for the kids to use. The garage is detached and does not have heating / airconditioning. We live in the San Francisco area, in Palo Alto, which has a good climate. It will occassionally frost here and when it does the garage gets quite cold- some days in the 30s and once in a while down to 32-35 degrees. It also gets hot- into the high 90s on some...
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