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Hey guys, Thinking about pulling the trigger on the 70" or possibly the 60" depending on the best deal. My biggest concern is playing Multiplayer First Person shooters on the PS3/PS4. Will the lag rate be a concern on this size of a TV?
Is this a decent screen for the HD33? http://www.costco.ca/Mustang-SC-E120D169-120-in.-16%3a9-Aspect-Ratio-Electric-Projection-Screen.product.10346834.html Looking for approx 120 inch, electric screen. My room will be mostly dark....just one small window on the door that I can cover up? Are there specific screens required for 3D?
Thanks for the feedback. I need to research the throw range of both and see which one works best. I'm pretty flexible on where the PJ will be mounted on the ceiling.
Hey Guys, I'm in the process of finishing my downstairs and want to go with a projector mainly for movie watching and HD TV shows. Not overly concerned with 3D but it would be a nice option. Not sure I will buy any 3D movies though. Do these PJ's have 2D conversion to 3D? My room will go back about 20 feet and I will be ceiling mounting the PJ. I can also make the room just about completely dark and most viewing will be done during the nightime. Will have a TV to...
Is the ghosting/motion blur a common thing with all W3000's at 1080P/24 when watching HD DVD? I turned on The Borne Identity yesterday and it was almost unwatchable. I had to turn the output to 1080P/60 and that seemed to help a bit. I only have a few days until my 30 days is up and wondering If I should return the TV to Sony. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Since hooking up my HD-A30 DVD player and watching a few movies I am blown away by the picture displayed on the W3000. My only gripe is that I seem to be noticing a substantial amount of motion blur. For example when watching V for Vendetta most of the times the main character turns his head suddenly I see a blurring trail of his hat. This seems to happen mostly arround people's heads and faces in the movies. Any quick movement causing the blur. I know this is a...
Is it possible to download monitor drivers for the W3000? When I hook up my PC I would like to have the Sony W3000 showing in the advanced video options instead of default monitor.
Yeah I see what you all mean now thanks. The picture is amazing. omg I dont have to sit through King Kong again do I.....god I hated that movie...:P
I havent tried another yet....but it almost seems like there are moving particles on many of the scenes....especially close-ups of faces. Also I have the A30 hooked to my Pioneer 1015 receiver using the Optical cable.....it doesnt seem I have able to get Dolby 5.1 surround sound at all? I am able to get this off my Oppo 971.....is it possible to get dolby 5.1 surround without using HDMI?
I just got my A30 hooked up to my Sony W3000 46 inch and played 300.....the picture is good but it seems very grainy....any idea what is going on there.....this can't be right. I have the video setting set to up to 1080p/24. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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