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The ups guy put my vw200 on a dolly then wheeled it off the truck. Atleast a 2 foot drop, then wheeled it up my stairs. When I told him what it was he could care less and said that's what insurance is for jokingly. I can just imagine how our stuff is treated during transit.
There might be none left now but there is always hope. lol
Yes I am talking lumen gain. The image the vw200 throws is excellent. With a little more light I can just imagine.
If the VW200 or VW85 come back I will be all over those. I'd like to try and stack the vw200.
Mine also had no refurb stickers on the unit at all
I don't know why I have read the vw60 comes close to this. Having them side by side the vw200 was by far worth the extra. My unit is excellent as far as I can tell.
I received my 200 today. Looks brand spanking new. The box didn't look that great at all. "filthy" and where it says refurbished is barely readable. Came only single boxed so as soon as I get a chance tonight I'm gonna fire it up and make sure everything is in perfect working order. Also my invoice said $1000 cheaper than I paid. Good for me on the duties, but what happens if there is something wrong with it?
Honestly that is still a good deal. If he has tested it and all is in perfect working order it's a steal for someone. If I didn't order the VW200 and was in the market I would talk to him. Mind you there would be a bit of negotiating going on. lol.
Can someone from Canada get the Sony extended warranty?
Is there an ETA as to when the VW200 will be coming in? When I ordered mine I was told end of this week. Feeling a bit anxious here.
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