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Thanks to everyone for your help. I'll be buying an HDTVa to try, and will report my results.
Hi, guys. I would like your opinions on which antenna to get. Here's my TvFool link: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d46ae3470d53788 All the stations I'm interested in are at 181 degrees, so a directional antenna would be fine. The lowest VHF channel is 8, and I don't mind if I can't get it. It appears channel 11 is duplicated on UHF 36. I can pick up most channels with a CHEAP antenna something like this one...
I spoke with LG customer service a couple of days ago. The LG PA70G supports HDMI 1.4 (and requires it for 3D modes).
You're on the right track. I just replaced my Panasonic AE900U with the LG PA70G and ouldn't be happier.Get one for yourself and test it in your room!
I just replaced my AE900U with an LG PA70G.The light output of the LG was superior, and best yet, NO MORE BULBS!I'm sure there are better projectors for unUder $2K, but I'm perfectly satisfied with my new LG.
I haven't noticed any RBE effect. The major factor in the PA70G is NO MORE BULBS!I just bought one and the picture is fine!
I think it'ws worth getting the PA70g over the ML500 if the ML500 PJ has 300 lumens vs. the 700l ,umen PA70g. The 700 lumens are for real, and brightness is important.
A final report to close out this thread. Replacing the power supply fixed the problem completely! Any AE900u owners... Feel free to email me for the exact part number of the power supply board. I also have a PDF of the service manual... And finally...... THANK YOU Mr. G!!!!
I answered my own question I've replaced my AE900 with the LG PA700g, and am very happy with the improved picture.
A follow up for other AE900U owners facing similar problems...Replacing the power supply module fixed the reboot problems completely.Email me if you need the exact part number for the power supply board.
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