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I did wonder why they skipped 61.2. JJK
The main problem with public TV's is they usually have them set to "stretchovision" which drives me up the wall with fat/skinny,/half missing pictures. When questioned the local establishments say it's the way it comes on cable. The acceptance of the public on destroyed and mutilated aspect ratios is really baffling to me. JJK
It really bums me out to see those movies on an SD 55.3 channel loosing half the intended picture originally filmed in Cinemascope. Also when Channel 5.1 (WEWS) squeezing the crawl on the bottom distorting everyone to short and fat. JJK
I rescanned again and that's correct, nothing on 43.3. I do get something on 23.6 if I punch the number but nothing shows on the scan. JJK
I had to rescan and 43.1,2 worked ok however nothing on 43.3. JJK
I noticed that 43.1 has been down for a while. Anything going on with this? JJK
Yesterday I had 9.1, 11.1, 13.1, 20.1, 21.1, 40.1, 50.1, 56.1, 62.1 for awhile then they all went away to the great tropo god of the sky. JJK
My tv gets confused sometimes and so do I. Had some tropo on 40.1 religious channel for a while. JJK
OOOOPPPPSSS. You guys were right about 23.5. They are real skinny. Looks like they are transmitting widescreen sqweezed into 4 x 3. JJK
On the 23.5 SD seemed completely normal to me. No distortion of any kind as far as aspect ratio. Standard 4 x 3. JJK
New Posts  All Forums: