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I'm in too
Wow! I have always heard about USA internet issues, but it is worse than I expected. You can get 100Mbs for 30$ in most of EU and Asia. Good to see that google is taking the step forward. Now other have to follow and bring the price down.
Everybody here realizes that the content service will sell the apple TV. For this you would need modern world internet connection. Sadly the US is quite behind everybody in this regard. In the other advanced countries 100mb/s is the standard and I have seen as much as 1gb/s. Having good optical net and well designed player/software is the future and lets hope Apple gets it and will stimulate ISPs to improve and upgrade to match.
How fast is the color wheel? I didnt see that mentioned.
Movie industry should look into legal alternatives to the torrent sites. They should acknowledge that their popularity is due more to their superior service than just savings. I live in country where file sharing is legal even by hard copies, so dont take my post as encouragement to break the law. I am just saying that most people would rather pay for superior service than free but inferior. Currently industry is choosing to fight with customers instead of giving them...
And because of that we can assume the rumor is true.
And why is that? We have several 3d 720p pjs for 600-700$, which is about the same price as non 3d for that res. We have several non 3d 1080p pjs for a 1000$. It obviously is not more expensive to make them 3d.
Its about 25% lower.
About 1100$ for slightly used PJ that I was allowed to see in action. The HC3800 costs about 1300 at my local dealer, but I am stil waiting for demo.
If they are similarly priced, both can fit in your room and RBE and SDE are non issue, which one would you buy? I have seen only the 1080UB and it looked great, but the screen was small - 80" and I am planing to go for 106".
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