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I'm fairly certain the F8500 PDP stand is removable. They displayed the TV wall-mounted (the F8500 is the only PDP Samsung is touting with the "super contrast panel"). It has the same gunmetal finish, though the bottom portion of the bezel does appear to retain a bit of a lip.
I didn't see any mention of a full-array LED-LCD in Sony's CES press releases. HDGuru claims the W900 replaces the XBR950. CNET expects it to cost less given that it's an edge-lit display.
Some information on Samsung's UHD, OLED, LCD, and PDP lineup. Top-of-the line range of LED-LCD's (F8000) top out at 75", plasmas (F8500) at 64". I believe the UHD display (S9) is 85" and the (yield-limited) OLED (F9500) remains 55". http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=21335 F8000 LED-LCD F8500 PDP
I have (purposely!) not tested the strength of the gorilla glass on the Sony, but it is definitely more rigid vs the front glass on my PDP panel. The HX950 flexes very little when buffing away fingerprints, etc.Check out these crazy Israelis hurling remotes at a HX820... resilient, but not indestructible.
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You can adjust picture/sound settings within the YouTube app. Make the sure the video is playing in full-screen mode and click the Options button. Perhaps the same settings translate over to the other apps (Netflix, Amazon, etc).
Add the plasma-lovers over at CNET to those confirming persistent image retention on the 2012 Panasonics PDPs. The IR on my 2011 Samsung PDP isn't too stubborn -- you can see a trace up close, but it dissipates quickly (~minutes). You have to get past the semantics and qualifiers when discussing this with some plasma folk (burn-in vs IR, up close vs viewing position, nature of the viewing material). Some folks don't leave a static logo/image/HUD up for hours at a time, so...
That would definately explain it. Though the first rev of his posted serttings indicated the ambient light sensor was off. He probably just started with the 929 settings and forget to physically switch it off in the menu.
My settings are very similar to his, minus the backlight. I may be the exception, but I like the D65 color temp for movies -- I don't game so perhaps a cooler temp is preferred there. Either way, it's personal preference. The pre and post calibration results show very accurate color. It's clear from reading through AVS, that "accurate" color and color temp are acquired tastes. To his credit, he at least (fully) engaged local dimming, unlike a previous review.
CNET (and nearly all pro reviewers) prefer PDPs due to their light uniformity and motion handling. The on-axis uniformity of the HX950 is excellent; the halo-ing associated with local dimming is a non-issue, IMO. It only stands out when you have a single menu item on a black background or on credits. Motion handling is as good as I've seen on my PDP. The general advice is to go with PDPs for dark/dim viewing environments and better "bang for the buck." LCD/LED's are a...
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