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Mine was delivered today as well. I'll try to set it up later tonight. The "official" thread is up... Sony XBR-HX950 Owners' Thread (XBR-55HX9​50 and XBR-65HX95​0)
SONY XBR-HX950 FULL-ARRAY LOCAL DIMMING LED-LCD Just delivered...! ... and mounted. Press Release SONY OPENS THE WINDOW ON LIFELIKE PICTURE WITH NEWEST BRAVIA TV Marketing Specifications http://www.docs.sony.com/release/specs/XBR55HX950_mksp.pdf http://www.docs.sony.com/release/specs/XBR65HX950_mksp.pdf i-Manual http://esupport.sony.com/docs/imanual/NA/2012/hx950/uc_EN/index.html Dimensions...
VESA pitches... 400x300 mm for 65" 300x300 mm for 55" In looking over the specs, I noticed the 950 cabinet depth is ~1/2" larger vs the 929 for both the 55 and 65" displays. 50-1/2"W x 30-1/2"H x 1-15/16"D 55HX950 50-3/8"W x 30-3/8"H x 1-1/2"D 55HX929 59-3/8"W x 35-1/2"H x 2-1/8"D 65HX950 59-1/4"W x 35-1/2"H x 2-5/8"D 65HX929 Perhaps it's to accomodate the larger # of LED zones. If it buys better PQ / decreased blooming, I'll take a slightly deeper cabinet...
Received my shipment confirmation from Sony as well. The waybill indicates the sets arrived at LAX and were picked up by CEVA yesterday. So we should be getting them within a week.
Good sleuthing... no sales tax in OR. They'll make it up on income tax, though.
I placed an order through the Sony store with my company's 10% EPP discount. Came out to $2699.99.
Added PC Mag's review of the PN51D8000 to OP. They give it the Editors Choice award, though they calculate CR in a non-realistic way (yes, it's not the most renowned TV review publication). US Models PC Mag - PN51D8000 CNET - Panasonic TC-PVT30 vs. Samsung PND7000/8000: Which is the best TV of 2011 (so far)? CNET - PN59D7000 CNET - PN59D8000 TelevisionInfo.com - PN51D6500 TelevisionInfo.com - PN59D8000 Chad B - PN51D8000/PN64D8000 European Models HDTVTest -...
Link to CNET's PN59D7000 settings... http://forums.cnet.com/7723-19410_102-535831.html Calibration report using these settings: http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/612...gwydnx55bp9uy5 --Picture menu Mode: Movie Cell Light: 16 Contrast: 95 Brightness: 66 Sharpness: 0 Color: 50 Tint: G50/R50 Screen adjustment submenu: Picture Size: Screen Fit Position: [no change] Auto Adjustment submenu: [Grayed out] 3D submenu: N/A Advanced settings...
The 2010 C-series PDPs were 0.1" thinner, with no reports of the C8000's RBF peeling. If anything, my D7000 puts out less heat than the C7000 it replaced. It is manufacturing / QC issue, not an inherent design flaw.
Review of the PS51D8000 from HDTVtest...highly recommended. HDTVTest - PS51D8000 (UK) The major complaint is that GAME mode needs to be enabled to defeat DNR (same as previous years). 51" black level was measured was follows: 0.04 cd/m2 (60hz), 0.06 cd/m2 (24p), 0.066 cd/m2 (50hz) or in ftL... 0.012 fL (60hz), 0.018 cd/m2 (24p), 0.019 cd/m2 (50hz)
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