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The dimensions of the base for each model (51/59/64) are on p.23 of the user manual. I know there's no option to select the resolution within the youtube app, and it doesn't appear to be streaming in HD either. I've read Hulu Plus will stream in 720p for HD content.
That's exactly how I would describe it.In my experience with the C7000 and D7000, there's a decent improvement in reducing glare / improving perceived contrast in bright conditions. Reflections are little more apparent on the D7000, but not a huge difference. Most people, including CNET editors, prefer glossy black screens to less reflective, gray ones. My post below has a shot of the C7000 next to the D7000. The C6500/D6500 filter appears similar to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ItzMe Regarding direct reflections, I think it diffuses them, too. I think it makes them less obvious. The RBF actually increases specular reflection at the expense of less glare. Quote: Originally Posted by Hudson1 On my 59D7000, the RBF attenuates light from above and below but not from the side. So my guess is that it's not a polarizing filter. You could say it's vertically polarized.
They should offer very similar PQ in moderate lighting conditions. The distinction is an additional antiglare filter (Real Black Filter) that attenuates off-axis light. The D7000 also has a brushed metal bezel vs the D6500's brushed plastic. IMO, if you're working with a budget, it's better to put $$$ toward a 59/64" panel than a step-up model for reasons of size and improved black level / contrast ratio.
Two bugs... 1) 3D functionality is impaired within CAL. 2) Dithering. This was also present on the 2009/2010 models. Whenever you are in CAL and exit from the Smart Hub (apps) interface, more dithering will be present on the display. You have to toggle between MOVIE and CAL to remove the dithering.
Yeah, dynamic contrast will also help get more light out of the set. The only pro 3D settings I came across for last year's sets were put out by Thomas Norton.http://www.hometheater.com/content/s...-hdtv-settings
The IR sensor on my set also went berserk when I first powered on the TV. I just power cycled it and haven't had an issue since -- I have the Network Remote Control setting on.
True... and you'll probably have a lot of other problems as well!
Like others have mentioned, you should only lose picture settings if you 1) enter the service menu 2) perform a factory reset 3) upgrade the f/w (depends on the rev) The settings are also independently assigned for each input.The only issue I've come across in the D-series models is that 3D doesn't function properly within the CAL presets.
Those charts are very impressive! How long did it take Gregg to dial the display in? Did you have him work on 3D? Your basic settings look similar to what I'm using on the 59D7000. Gamma = -1 is perfect at night. I have gamma set to 0 during the day. I've increased sharpness for DirecTV, but have it lowered to 0 for high quality (bluray/1080p) sources.
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